Snehiltalks Team

We work as a team. Our team mates are paasionate about scaling business online not just as business but like a brand.

Our Team

Our team is a bundle of innovative creators. Each of us believes in performance and delivery. Client satisfaction has always been the team priority that’s why we provide our service before self. That’s our work motto. 

We help you built your Online presence and infrastructure and prepare best business plans to market out your brand name to your customers. Our passionate team work tirelessly to deliver what we have committed while making business tie ups. 

Our team

Meet our key teammates of marketers and business managers.

Snehil Prakash

Marketing Strategist

He prepares marketing plans and strategies for businesses and provide them the part to growth hacking formulas. Guiding team to the strategy is his key role. Expert in all avenues of Online and Offline marketing. 

Rishabh Sharma

Business Development

He is smart in getting businesses to platforms where they can find themselves growing. With expertise in preparing and executing marketing plans, he build the right ideas to match the industry needs.

Swadhin Bhowmik

Motion Designer

You can’t say no to the motion, graphics and videos prepared by him. His work as a designer creates an impactful results for business from all channels and resources.

Kumar Shubham

Client Support

He is the person to solve all your queries and one stop solution to getting the right information about your on going or past project details directly to your fingertips.

Rachana Kumari

Content Marketer

Content is the king and she is the right queen to market your content With expertise in SEO, SEM and all paid marketing avenues, she knows how to execute the marketing plans.


Riddhi Garg


She is our Certified marketer with expertise in leading and collaborating with all planners, designers and business requirements to bring out the exceptional executions of all the paid and unpaid marketing plans.

Rahul Kumar

Content WRITER

We can proudly say he’s the best SEO friendly content writer in the industry. Take any niche, he knows how to engage the readers in between those seo friendly sentences. 


Shivani Mishra


Creative content that not only humans but the search engine bots would also love reading when she inks her sentences with the vision to engage the readers. She is one of our gem in writing.