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Branding with Digital Marketing. How Does It Work?

how digital marketing helps in branding

Branding with digital marketing is the best way through which a particular product or service gets the buyer’s trust. It takes around 10 to 15 impressions for a person to start recognizing any product.

If I give you three option among cellphones to chose from, let’s say Nokia, Andrew, and Telsok. Which among the following cellphone brand will you prefer to buy? Obviously, you would go with Nokia. Why?

Because you haven’t heard about the other two brands. So, you won’t trust buying them.But how did this happen? It’s because of the brand trust that nokia had built in its consumer’s mind.

You always chose to prefer those whom you rely more upon. This reliability is not created in one day but it takes a complete follow-up strategy to attract the customers to opt for your product or services. Here comes the marketing hero technology which was earlier called as internet marketing or online marketing but with growth in too many streams and automation into it, during late 2013, this new term called “Digital Marketing” started evolving.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is completely a new revolutionary style of reaching the targeted customers that have high potential to get converted into sales. By target customers or we can say audience, we mean those group of audience who have a history of buying or searching the product online that you are looking to sell. The power to reach these targeted consumers has made digital marketing so powerful.

Digital marketing for branding

As already defined that it takes some amount of impression for a particular brand to create its recognition. This recognition can be successfully created using digital marketing. How? Let us understand this in detail.

It takes a follow-up strategy for creating brand recognition. So what are these follow-up methods?

These follow-up methods need an initial trigger. By trigger, we mean the first interaction that your target audience does with any of your online property. What is online property?

Online property can be anything like your brand’s social media pages, your website, your advertisements, emails, anything that gets the first interaction from your audience through online media.

Once the first interaction happens, digital marketing plays the role of automating everything.

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Digital marketing automation to follow your audience.

The follow-up method can happen in many ways. Let us understand all of them. The follow-up will start from one channel which we can say as a gate opener for the customers into our brand shop. Following are the different path of follow-up according to the different gate opener.

  • Website>Facebook and Google pixel hit>Email lead popups>Paid ads>remarketing>email marketing
  • Social Media Page likes>Drive to website>Get pixels hit>
    Email lead popups>Paid ads>remarketing>email marketing
  • Through email>Website>Pixel hits>Email lead popups>Paid ads>remarketing>email marketing
  • Through Google, Facebook ads
    > Website>Pixel hits>Email lead popups>Paid ads>remarketing>email marketing

So, we have four different ways to get the first interaction with your target audience. Do you know more ways to get the first interaction with them? Let everyone know in the comment section below. We will update that in the blog if it is a good way.

Digital marketing branding plan to follow

If you are interested to get your first interaction, you can get through any of the above for mentioned gate openers. The central vision behind every digital marketing plan for branding is based on remarketing.

Remarketing is the weapon used to retarget your customers, wherever they are present in the online world. How does this happen?

Once your pixels get hit, you collect email leads, getting down to remarketing or retargeting audience becomes easier.

Have you ever notice a brand showing its video ads since the day you visited their website or downloaded their app?

This happens because of their digital marketing team, that is capturing your interactive encounter with their online property.

How digital marketing follow up is done to do branding? Case Study: Rentomojo

This can be explained to you by given a very common example. I will be taking an example from rentomojo. An online e-commerce platform that sells you product on a rental basis.

I was looking to rent some furniture for my home. I was not aware of RentoMojo kind of online platform so I did a google search for the term “buy furniture on rent”

For me, I got RentoMojo text ads coming at the top list.

branding with digital marketing example study

So, I clicked the first result on google search and went to their website. This was my first encounter, “The Google text ads”. So, for me, the gate opener for branding was the google ads. Then I landed to their website. This is the next phase where I will hit their facebook and google pixel installed on their website codes.

You can check, which websites have installed facebook and google pixel codes by using chrome extensions like ”facebook pixel helper” and “tag assistant by google”.

I checked for RentoMojo and found the following, shown in the screenshot below.

tools for branding with digital marketing

The screenshot clearly declares that they are tracking their website visitors and using google and Facebook remarketing to retarget their potential customers.

Just to check whether their follow-up was working actively or not, I opened up my Facebook and started scrolling across the feeds. I found RentoMojo sponsored ads in Facebook’s right column. It was retargeting me to buy the same products that I browsed through their website.

I didn’t find any popups on their website for email lead generation. Since it belongs to an eCommerce industry hence it is always advisable not to have an email lead popup on such website to give a good user experience.

But still, they have an optin chat option installed on that website that asks for email before you could make any query which is a good choice for email leads capture.

This is the complete branding solution, RentoMojo is using to build their name as a big brand in the rent service industry.

A general buyer perception says that they never buy a product on the first interaction hence a follow up is very much needed. The conventional format of marketing never allowed such privilege to follow their customers where ever they go but with digital marketing, it is possible.

The fun fact is that, through digital marketing two things happen simultaneously.

  1. The ads and remarketing campaign keep on building brand awareness.
  2. The same awareness campaign keeps on generating sales as well.

So, it is a win-win situation in either case.

Why should we go for Digital Branding?

The very obvious reason for this is the huge audience presence. If you check the global internet usage report published in the Wikipedia article, you can sense the immense potential to scaling anything online.

With the power of digital marketing, you can segment the entire world into different niches and target them according to your marketing budgets, plans, demographics, products and services.

World map of 24-hour relative average utilization of IPv4 addresses observed 

The entire world is going online. If your business is not going online, wake up because your competitors must have already started building their online brand presence.

You can be easily outranked from the competitive market if you don’t know how to follow the technology trends. You can read more about the future of Digital marketing in an article published by Deepak Kanakaraju, a renowned digital marketing consultant in the field of digital marketing.

Their is a famous quote.

In Rome, do as the roman does.

Keeping this in mind, in the competitive market, do whatever it takes to do. Make your brand, a habit for your customers.

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