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Snehiltalks is an online marketing blog which aspires to grow as a marketing search engine in the future. It has been started by Snehil Prakash who is a passionate Global digital marketer from India.

His vision is to make brand words become a verb for their customers not only through the product or services the brand provides but also through the power of branding about which Snehil speaks and write on

Snehiltalks is a platform for you to explore a different aspect of online marketing. You can learn, share and collaborate here for skills and knowledge that you want to share to the world.

Talking more about snehil Prakash. He has been into the online marketing or as we say in today’s trend as digital marketing from 2016. He has evolved as a content marketer initially producing great content for other blogging platforms that ranked high on search engines. Later, he searches and explored more into gaining traffic that helped him learned everything that can be possible in marketing online.

Today he enjoys scaling small businesses, product or services like a one-man army and building a successful digital marketing career. If you are interested to learn, earn or get more into the digital world, you can get in touch with Snehiltalks and start making words converting into verbs.