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Does Google Ads Affect Organic Results | A brief overview

Does Google Ads Affect Organic Results_

Many industrial experts might query whether google Ads, a form of Pay Per Click, affects the organic results. This article has an answer for it. We are going to look in detail at how Google Ads works in the search engine and how far it is different from Search Engine Optimisation. After reading this article, you can always deflect to the best PPC company in Delhi if you get intimidated and are unsure about pulling this off.

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How does Google Ads work?

Google As is an online advertising platform commonly used by advertisers to display their advertisements on the search engine results page.

Google offers these services on a Pay-per-click basis through bids and auctions. These advertisements are placed on the results of the search in the search engine or on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos. Google Ads came into existence because of heavy competition between the organisations and industries in the digital market. These organisations look for their growth and hence advertise themselves in the places where people visit most of the times.

Coming to the cost, companies, and organizations put in a lot of effort and invest money in online advertising through Google Ads. The advertisements of those who won the auction would be displayed on the search results. 

How Google Ads does or doesn’t affect the organic results

As per the rules, these paid results does not affect the organic rankings directly. However, there are many conspiracies behind these Paid results. Online business organizations might think that the more they invest in Google Ads, the more the chance of their Ads to appear in search engine results. But this is not true. The people working on the organic side will not directly impact based on their rank on the search results page. 

Somehow, The paid and organic have an indirect intersection that Google does not control. When looking into an Ad, the people who search and at an instance might be bound to the organic listing. To watch the Ad video or look into the ad, they would see a high organic ranking. 

Click->Engage->Convert Strategy

The higher organic ranking is based on the click-through rate and a higher engagement rate. For instance, if a user had searched for something on the search engine and had accidentally clicked on the paid ads, later in the future, he might have noticed the brand ranking for the paid ads which he had clicked, and get impulsed to click on it again.

Finally, He would engage in it and make a purchase. The main motivation of these paid ads is to induce people to visit their websites for making business deals and purchases.

Paid Results creates an impact on network traffic.

Paid rankings and results create a direct impact on the organic click-through rate. On several websites, you can notice that there would be no paid ads or pay per click ads, and in some, there might be many ads covering half of the webpage in a website.

The website with more paid ads would likely experience heavy traffic when compared to websites with fewer ads. Hence, the paid advertisements create SEO and network and make the website slower than usual.

It is to be noted that the paid searches get 2% and 3% of all clicks, while the organic rankings get 57% of all results.

Source – Moz Blog

Interlinking between the websites through the Pay Per Click ads

It is not much surprising that the websites are interconnected through these paid ads. For example, If a user is using Facebook and gets an amazon ad with an attractive gadget, he would likely click the ad. He will be directed to the Product page with a highlighted Buy Now button on amazon and placed the order. These interlinks between the websites are done in periodic deals on the search engine. 

How Bidding is important for Google paid ads?

As far as competition is concerned between the advertisers, the bidding came into existence to resolve this issue. By bidding on the paid results, you could survive at the top in the digital market and bring competition into the search results. This, in turn, can bring change in the search process in the search engines. 

Google Ads Vs SEO Which is best?

Let us first look into SEO. Search engine Optimisation is a kind of strategy that is used in the website’s content to enhance the visibility of the website in the search engines. The visibility takes place during the search results. 

Google Ads is, moreover, a bidding technique that is done for the visibility of Advertisements in the search results in the search engines. The ads are paid only when the users click on them.

However, there are certain similarities between these two. These strategies mainly focus on digital marketing for promoting their organization. They use a common platform called search engines in both these techniques. More or less, both of them would create an impact on the web and network traffic on the search engines. 

Advertisers invest a lot of money in these paid ads as they are trustworthy. Google Ads would somehow make sure that your advertisement would reach the people in some of the other days. This can be fulfilled only when the maximum efforts are given by the advertisers for the promotion. Google Ads provides tools to optimize your websites and advertisements, which is worthy of your investment.

Final Thought

Now, many of them might be landed in the question of

“Where can the investment be done for better promotion?”.

The choice is up to you. Both SEO and PPC would help you in a lot of different ways and bridges the gaps between the users, clients and advertisers. One best option would be combining both of them. Combining both would give you a chance of bringing traffic to your website in a short period and thus enhancing the growth.

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