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Digital Marketing Secrets That Nobody Will Tell You

Digital marketing secrets.

Again a blog from my end with no SEO and keyword pulling but pure content that you will love to read as you do on quora. I am going to share some Digital Marketing secrets that digital consultants never say to their clients.

  • Life beyond owning digital infrastructures. [Like the website, blog, etc]
  • Inconsistency is a 100% failure.
  • Just creating content consistently is also a failure.
  • Your idea will not grow the way you planned for digital.
  • The customer is the king instead of content.
  • Digital Marketing Is about investing both in marketing & human resources.

I know you guys are confused after reading the above points. So, do read ahead to understand why a digital consultant is not going to keep the above points as digital marketing secrets.

1. Life beyond owning digital infrastructures.

When I interact with a new client for a consultation, a lot of them think that having a website, some social media accounts, emails, and running ads will boost their business.

See, this is true, it will improve your business visibility online but you will not sustain it. In order to be an evergreen brand, you need to strategize your presence in the internet space. If you don’t do that, it would work like a money-making machine which when fueled with a marketing budget, would fetch money and then stop.

A digital consultant with an intent to make money from you will do all your setups like website, social media, automation, etc but it would not give you results life long. As far as I know, all business owners start with an entry and an exit plan while thinking of not to exit but create a lifelong asset. So, keeping that emotion into consideration, think beyond creating digital infrastructure. Understand the process of building and scaling for better growth.

What if you fail in overcoming this secret of digital marketing?

You will feel looted. Just some digital infrastructure with nothing in return. You will curse your digital consultant meanwhile he will vanish away eating up your money because he already had an idea that you want things the way you are willing to see instead of listening to his/her strategy. You could be doomed by some unethical digital practitioners since good practitioners validate their clients before onboarding them as their clients.

2. Inconsistency is a 100% failure.

No one will tell you since this is a self understood emotion. If you work daily, you will grow daily. Similarly, when you are in an online business, you need to be there where your potential customers are present. This happens only when you are consistently producing content to be consumed by your customers.

The more consistent you are, the better will be your reach and more customers would try to find about you. This is a secret of digital marketing because a lot of online businesses would pretend to be inconsistent but they never disclose that they have a network of businesses that are consistently supporting each other.

For example, Bluehost and HostGator are two leading web hosting businesses. Do you know both of them belong to the same parent company? Now we all know that almost the entire blogger’s fraternity promotes bluehost as a good hosting but at the same time, they don’t promote Hostgator. Both of them belong to the same business owner still why there is a differentiation. The reason is the content marketing done by the Bluehost team is more consistent than compared to Hostgator. Here, HostGator seems to be inconsistent but actually, the parent business is maintaining the consistency at the place which is giving more revenue. So, don’t think that your online competitors are inconsistent. They aren’t.

All these big brands belong to one parent company and maintaining content consistency to rule the digital web hosting and domain industry.

What if you fail in overcoming this secret of digital marketing?

It will give you happiness in terms of growth and revenue as long as you are generating content for your consumer but as you stop, your business will stop at some point in time. It will not stop suddenly but you will see a falling graph with time.

Let’s disccuss about digital marketing secrets number 3.

3. Just creating content consistently is also a failure.

Keep creating a content farm and people will end up losing interest in you. We all love variety while consuming anything. Whether it is cloth or food.

Also, if you are only creating your content but not marketing it out, you are again doing nothing to be at the place where your customers are residing.

What you should do while be a consistent content producer?

  1. Spread your content to different platforms.
  2. Perform SEO for blogs and articles.
  3. Invite guest writers.
  4. Do cross-content promotion and content syndication.
  5. Also, create content with the purpose of promotion to other platforms.
  6. Build your email list and promote your content.
  7. Increase your social media followers and engage with them using content.

What if you fail in overcoming this secret of digital marketing?

You will consistently create content with least or no content consumer. Zero revenue and no conversions or customer leads would come into your pocket.

Just create a youtube channel and push 5-6 videos randomly with any title. I did that and till now, in the last 1 year, I got only 3 views that too it was my own viewership that recorded 3 views.

You need to promote your content and focus massively on outreaching to give justice to your consistent content production.

4. Your idea will not grow the way you planned for digital.

Take a recap from your life 10 years down the line. You must have planned something 10 years back to happen today. Are they happening the way you planned? It may happen that you reach the end goals but the journey will never be the way you planned. At least for most of the people.

Similarly, there is a journey of a customer from the awareness to the acquisition phase. We call it as AIDA model of marketing.

It is one of those digital marketing secrets which hardly anyone will tell you. You can build click funnels, Top, middle, and bottom-funnel but a lot of time, you will need to do A/B testing to create the best converting path.

You may think that Facebook will give more results but if you want to explore the right way to get more conversion, you will have to drop down to A/B testing instead of following the plan of your intuitions.

5. The customer is the king instead of content.

You will hear this phrase that content is the king. No, this is limited. You can create content, show it to your customers, they will convert and buy from you but, post-sales, they find that you are a pain in their asses.

What they will do? Mark for refunds and chargeback and go and write negative reviews about you.

When was the last time when you went to write the product review for the product that you purchase from Amazon? I guess you never did that but when you got a poor or fraudulent product, you must have thought of pushing a negative review for that seller. Isn’t it?

Your customers can make or bake your business. You need to treat them like a king so that they stay with you lifelong and add revenue to your business on a recurring basis.

What if you fail in overcoming this secret of digital marketing?

As exlained above,

  1. You will have poor customer retention.
  2. Negative reviews about your business will float all over the internet space.
  3. Your brand trust will fall.
  4. Conversion rates will drop.
  5. People will stop recommending your business.

6. Digital Marketing Is about investing both in Marketing & human resources.

You will never be told about this digital marketing secret. The main misconception here with business owners is, they believe in hiring people who will do the marketing but forget that marketing needs a combination of marketing budget plus smart marketers who can effectively manage that budget.

For example, businesses like zomato, groffers, etc depend massively on programmatic advertising. It is a complete CPC, PPC model of marketing. Here, both marketing budget plus a smart programmatic advertiser and strategiest are needed to amplify the business ROI.

So, investing in both of them is a must.

Final Thought

This list of digital marketing secrets doesn’t end here. I will keep adding more secrets to this blog. Do subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated.

Consultants most of the time would not disclose all secrets but it is better to work with honest service providers and start building your online business.

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