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Guest Post Opportunity: Top 10 Ways To Find It In 2021.

Guest post opportunity finding is one of the best way of content marketing. It helps any marketing team, build quality traffic. In this blog, I am going to make it easy for you to find guest blogging opportunity online.

Before I explain to you how to find guest post opportunities, let me make this clear at the beginning itself that it is used for backlink building.

Building backlinks from random websites with proper anchors and protocol will only burn your efforts of marketing. Understanding the right way to build quality backlinks with guest blogging methods brings great results.

Follow this article till the end because this will transform your content marketing journey. So lets begin this.

What is Guest Post opportunity meaning?

Guest post opportunities are an advantageous method of connecting with peer businesses and collaborate together for content marketing. In a guest post campaign, you find webmasters in your niche and connect with them to share content and links.

This is a two way process of building online relationship. It happens with the exchange of content and backlinks with the vision of both webmasters getting opportunity to increase their online visibility.

Why Guest posting is Important?

Guest posting as we earlier understood is a way to build relationship with our niche webmasters. It has got other benefits as well.

  1. It improves your website’s backlink profile.
  2. Increase the visibility of your business in niche keywords.
  3. Improve your search ranking for target keywords.
  4. Get a lot of referral traffic to the website.
  5. It helps in improving your authorship over the internet.
  6. You build an Online reputation and relationship with good webmasters.
  7. Your website authority improves drastically which ultimately improves your website traffic as well.
  8. With guest posting opportunities, you also get a chance to earn money online.
  9. Guest blogging helps you in getting new business leads.
  10. It is also a good way to build your brand.
  11. You can improve your writing skills.

These are some cool benefits that you gain when you start utilizing the guest blogging opportunities online.

Since now you know the benefits, it is quite obvious that you must be looking to get started. So, let me explain to you the top 10 ways to find guest post opportunities.

Top 10 Ways To Find Guest Post Opportunity.

So the wait is now over as I am going to tell you how to find the guest blogging opportunities. These 10 ways are my personal ways through which I figure out where can I post my content and also get quality do-follow backlink for off page SEO campaign.

So let’s understand these 10 points first and then we will take this one by one.

  1. Use google search queries.
  2. Use Semrush to find sponsored links and pitch 3-way links.
  3. Find authors in your niche and google search them.
  4. Do competitor analysis.
  5. Use Pinterest to find niche-specific blogs to pitch Ideas.
  6. Connect with bloggers from the contact us page.
  7. Use Facebook Groups.
  8. Pitch to low-level competitors by finding them through LSI.
  9. Connect with Freelancers for the outreach campaigns.
  10. Cross-check with people who are approaching you for guest posts.

Let us get this methods one by one.

1. Use google search queries.

Do you know, you can use the google search bar to find guest post opportunities? If you don’t know this then go ahead and read. Else you can skip to the next points.

Some of the google search queries that I use to find guest blogging opportunities are mentioned below. These queries generally need to be followed with email inquiry or posting content for moderation.

  • Keyword + intitle:“write for us”
  • Keyword + intitle:“submit” + inurl:blog
  • Keyword + intitle:“contribute to”
  • inpostauthor:guest + keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest blog” + keyword
  • inpostauthor:”guest post” + keyword
  • keyword club
  • keyword group
  • keyword organization
  • helpful sites + keyword
  • keyword + resources
  • useful sites + keyword

If you are doing international SEO and trying to get links from a specific country using “keyword + inurl:cc.tld” can be one of your best tools.

Using these techniques, you can find a lot of option where you can share content and get a link in return.

Did you try any one of them earlier? Let me know in the comments, how good it worked for you, or is it even worthy or not.

2. Use Semrush to find sponsored links and pitch 3-way links.

If you don’t own semrush then this method won’t work for you. You can signup for SEMRUSH and try using it for trial.

Let me guide you on how you can use semrush to get guest post opportunity.

According to recent google update about sponsored link, people who pay to get links can be found on semrush and contacted to get links for free. How?

Let me explain in steps.

  • Login or signup for semrush
  • Go to backlink analytics dashboard inside the semrush
  • Enter your website in the search bar link and hit enter to make a search of all backlinks of your target website from where you want to acquire backlink.
  • Now filter the results of backlinks for sponsered links. Here I am taking example of ahref which is an online seo tool. I will find websites which has given sponsered links to ahref.

So, here is the deal now.

Once you have find such websites which are paying to get backlinks, you can offer them your piece of content to publish on a similar website for and in return ask them to post your content on their blog.

Make sure that you need to offer them backlink from a third party website similar to the website authority from which they are getting sponsored links. You can find a similar website using the rest of the 9 methods that I have explained in this blog.

Find authors in your niche and google search them.

This is an easy hack to find where your competitors are building backlinks with guest posting. I will be explaining you the complete step here.

  1. Go to your competitor’s website and find all the authors who are blogging their.
  2. Copy the author names and search them on google.
  3. Find other website where they have blogged.
  4. Those websites are the places where you can also pitch your content idea.

So, basically this method is used with a thought that the bloggers are habituated to do content writing on an authority website. They will never stick to one website. This is also necessary in order to build the authorship.

Hence we need to utilize this as guest post opportunity to search for places to blog.

4. Do competitor analysis.

This method is commonly used by all SEO guys. Again you need tools like semrush to perform good competitor analysis.


You can also do competitor analysis using ubersuggest.

Steps to do competitor analysis using semrush to find guest post opportunity.

For this method, follow the steps mentioned below to start your analysis.

  1. Go to backlink audit.
  2. Find all refering domains.
  3. Click the domains and open then one by one.
  4. Go to these website and check if they have options like

Hey reader, I was feeling bored so I had completed this blog till here only. Rest DIY 😀

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