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Funnel Base Review – Demo, Discounts and Bonus

Funnel Base demo and Funnel Base Review

Planning to buy funnel base? I am here for you guys with my funnel base review and demo. You must be a marketer or a business owner and annoyed with paid testimonials or in fact, you don’t even get proper feedback and returning engagement from your customers. Right?

Or even if this is not the case for you and you are still looking to understand why funnel base can be an amazing tool to increase your leads, conversions or brand trust then go ahead in my honest review about funnel base.

What is Funnel Base?

Funnel base is a 100% saas tool for businesses who have a customer base that can be from zero to any number. It helps the business owners to automate the process of taking customer feedbacks and testimonials from email, social media or onsite. It is literally an insane tool to improve your business recognition and trust value.

My funnel base review is very positive. I would personally love to use its widget and automate my review system to keep my connections and customers engaged with me online.

Once you automate the followup campaign with your customers to take feedback/testimonials or reviews, you can make them live on your connected websites.

Funnel base also comes with 14 different widgets that you can integrate on your websites that improve customers engagement and produces more leads and conversions.

Funnel base allows you with amazing integrations to automate the campaigns on the funnel base with other websites and tools that improve your customer followup process. It’s like reducing your sales team efforts completely on automation.

That’s what we all love in our online business. Something that can happen with the least clicks. Isn’t It?

Funnel Base Demo. How Does Funnel base works?

funnel base review and working

Let me take you to the dashboard of the funnel base and show you how this saas tool is going to be interesting for you.

This is how the dashboard of the funnel base looks like.

funnel base review and dashboard

This dashboard shows you a few campaigns that were created for testing purpose. They are active which means that the domain to which they are linked, must be showing the live testimonials received from customers, straight to the website where it is set purposely.

Let’s create a demo from scratch and understand how everything is working smartly in getting reviews, leads and conversions and reflected back to the website. I am mentioning some easy steps that is completely beginner-friendly.

  • Login to the dashboard. (Dashboard showed above)
  • Create your first campaign.

Add all your campaign details in these options.

  • Once you have added your domain on which you want to create your funnels, all you need to do next is to select the type of campaign that you want to fun. There are different type of highly converting campaigns as below.

Best Funnel Base Feature

There is a huge list of offerings and features provided by the funnel base when you will buy the tool. I had already described all its features and widget later in this blog but before that, let us understand one of its golden feature.

The email and social automation to capture testimonials and feedback.

You can send message/notification to your customers via email or social media to request feedback. You can followup with them like big daddy companies like amazon does for their business. Social proof and reviews play a very important role in getting you the right targetted and trusted buyers and reduce your back orders or refunds.

Funnel Base Review on different type of campaign that it provides.

There are 4 main categories of the campaign in the funnel base that is subcategories into a different campaign which you can use to target your customers for feedback or testimonials via automation systems. Let us have a look at each of them.

Proof Based

Proof base campaigns are of four types in funnel base software.

  • Latest Conversion Campaign.
  • Customer Review Campaign.
  • Conversion Counter Campaign.
  • Live Counter campaign.

Let us check theme on by one. These widgets will appear on your website just by adding one line of code on your website.

Latest Conversion Campaign.

Customer Review Campaign

Conversion Counter Campaign

Live Counter

funnel base live counter


Lead-based campaigns are of three types in funnel base software.

  • Email Collector campaign.
  • Phone Collector campaign.
  • Countdown Collector campaign.

Let us see how these widget looks on your websites.

Email Collector campaign.

funnel base email collector campaign.

Phone Collector campaign.

funnel base phone collector campaign.

Countdown Collector campaign.

funnel base countdown collector campaign.

Retention Based

Retention Based campaigns are of four types in funnel base software.

  • Scratch & Win
  • Social Share
  • Emoji Feedback
  • Score Feedback

Let us see how these widget looks on your websites.

Scratch & Win campaign.

funnel base Scratch & Win campaign

Social Share campaign.

Emoji Feedback campaign.

Score Feedback campaign.

Information Based

Information-Based campaigns are of three types in funnel base software.

  • Informational campaign.
  • Video campaign
  • Cookie Notification campaign

Let us see how these widget looks on your websites.

Informational campaign.

Video campaign

Cookie Notification campaign

Campaign settings in funnel base.

You get many flexible options to customize your campaigns over the website. These settings include features like

  • How many times you want the widget to show on the website.
  • You can define the URLs on which these widgets may appear.
  • You can set the alignment of widgets.
  • Set trigger settings as shown in the image below.
  • Customize the colour of the widget according to your brand colour.
  • You can also set up the email automation campaign to send an automated email to the customers to share their feedback via email in either text or video format that gets recorded in the funnel base dashboard in review sub dashboard and can be displayed on the website according to your choice.
Campaign triggers
Using these settings you can send emails to your customers to grab feedback, testimony etc.

Funnel Base testimonial Data usage and sharing

Funnel base allows you to store all review in the review dashboard. It also allows you to import reviews hence you can take feedbacks and reviews from other platforms also and import it to funnel base dashboard and use it to reflect it on your website.

Probably the testimonials collected by the email automation campaign will ve used to import data for reviews.

Funnel Base Review Dashboard Overview.

Funnel base review dashboard is a separate dashboard for managing the reviews that you are getting from your customers via different campaigns that you have created and are being executed live on your website. Let’s have a look at how it looks like.

Funnel Base Supported Integrations

Funnel base support integration with the world’s best automation tools. This make the feedback mechanism quite easy and friendly. Let us have a look at the integrations supported by funnel base.

Funnel Base Pricing

With so much to offer y funnel base, it is quite easy to assume that it is a very costly tool but No. It will be available to grab at a very lower price during the first week of launch. You need to take quick decision to grab it at a jaw-dropping price during the launch week,

If you buy the funnel base from my link below, you will not only get funnel base at a lower price but I will be sharing some of my major bonuses which you won’t get if you don’t grab this software from my link. ( Yes I do have an affiliate link with the tool but I only promote tools if it’s worth it and if I have my personal good opinion about any new launch).

Please go below to see what all bonuses I had to offer you if you buy the funnel base copy from my link down below.

They are keeping the starter membership at $27 for the duration of the launch. (Which is one week from launch date). The core offer (deluxe) will change the price as the launch progresses. Details below.

Tues, 25th Feb. Day 1

9am: Earlybird Is Live – FE Standard Licence starting at $27.00
8:00 pm: Price Increase => $27.17
11:59 pm: Price Increase => $27.23

Wed, 26th Feb. Day 2

8:00 pm: Price Increase => $27.27
11:59 pm: Price Increase => $27.47

Thurs, 27th Feb. Day 3

8:00 pm: Price Increase => $27.57
11:59 pm: Price Increase => $27.67

Fri, 28th Feb Day 4

8:00 pm: Price Increase => $27.87
11:59 pm: Price Increase => $27.97

Sat, 29th Feb Day 5 (Leap Day Special! Price Lock For 24hrs)

8:00 pm: Price Increase => $27.97
11:59 pm: Price Increase => $28.97

Sun, 1st March. Day 6

8:00 pm: Price Increase => $29.47
11:59 pm PT: end of launch … $67.00 … $20 coupon code SAVE20 (making price $47.00)

One week later

Morning … post launch pricing, coupon will no longer work … $67.00

You get two different packs to buy funnel base.

  • Funnel Base Starter
  • Funnel Base Deluxe

You can rebrand and sell funnel base as an agency if you buy the deluxe plan of the funnel base. You can build your own business as a saas business owner if you subscribe to use the deluxe plan.

Probably the launch week will be the best option to grab this tool and rebrand it to run it under your business name as the tool is highly functional and is based according to today’s world needs. It will definitely sell you better revenues and numbers.

My exclusive Bonuses.

You can buy funnel base directly but If you grab the opportunity to buy funnel base in the launch week from my link below then you would get some of the following extra offers from me. This bonuses will be downloaded just after you buy the funnel base from their website.

Let me list all the values that I am added on my unique link for you to grab it.

Funnel Base FAQ

Is Funnel base a downloadable software?

No, funnel base is a 100% saas tool that is a cloud-based software which you can use and operate from any location from a single dashboard.

Will funnel base be priced at same pricing always?

No, funnel base pricing is under offer period during its launch week which will increase after the t week from launch.

How to get bonus along with funnel base purchase?

Once you purchase funnel base, your bonus will also be mailed to your registered email address which can be downloaded from there

Is reselling option available with funnel base?

Yes, you can purchase the agency plan and rebrand the entire software for reselling purpose.

Click Here to Get Access

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