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Zoom Replaced Tiktok As The Most Downloaded App [Non-Gaming App ]

Zoom replaced tiktok as the most downloaded app

Zoom has replaced tiktok as the most downloaded app online in the non gaming category. This is obviously due to the entire workplaces switching to new work from home space model .

As per the Sensor Tower’s latest study that keeps a vigilance on the downloads happening on mobile devices, in April month, zoom outranked tiktok.

Zoom app most downloaded in april 2020

Total 131 million installations was clocked across the globe. Zoom is a US Based company.

The Download saw a 60X growth with

  • 18% Download happening from India.
  • Followed by United states with 14.3 $

Tiktok still stands at the 2nd position with 107 million downloads. But the growth in download was only 2.5X growth which is less in terms of growth graph of zoom app.

Again the maximum download of tiktok happened in april with

  • 22 percent download from India.
  • Followed by United States at 9.4 percent.

These apps were followed by facebook, whatsapp and instagram.

All these data were analysed from App store and google play data.

Download Growth expectation?

May month will observe less growth for zoom as the India had the shark share of downloads for zoom.

Recently government of India announced that Zoom is not a safe video conferencing app and hence people have to give a second thought to its usage.

New App in the List

Again as per the report, the indian government app ‘Arogya Setu’ was found to hang on the top list of most downloaded app.

This gives the power of Indian population using internet which has potential to increase the massive download numbers.

Arogya setu app is expected to see an increase in download in may month. Since the government of India is making it a compulsion to download in some of the covid affected areas.

MyGov India’s CEO, Abhishek Singh also reported that the operation system of the app is being updated. So it is being made for KaiOS operating system. This will enable the users of JIO phones handset to use it as well.

It can be postulated that government is always having a soft hand towards Reliance Industry business else why would government focus of upgrading the app separately for a particular handset service.

Arogya setu app is expected to cross 11 crore downloads by the end of May month.

Since lockdown, internet use has increased massively and it is the right time for app developers and companies to switch to mobile versions for their online infrastructure.

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