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6 Big Mistakes I Did As A Digital Marketer Till Now.

digital marketer mistakes

Digital marketers are the professionals who don’t get a special degree in marketing digitally but they have a good stand-in marketing the businesses. This knowledge of marketing the business online is very crucial. You need to understand your buyer psychology from the data.

Data is a fuel for digital marketers that helps them in taking action. The entire process is dynamic. When we say that an idea can work, it is only going to work for a definite time.

The internet is dynamic and the digital plans and strategies will always need up-gradation or amendment.

During all this idealizing and strategy building, mistakes are bound to happen. We as digital marketers, do a lot of A/B testing even for winning strategy, so you can realize the level of testing we must do in a new plan.

In this blog, I am going to pinpoint some of my mistakes that I did as a digital marketer. If you are also in the same field or planning to grow then you can learn from my mistakes and avoid any loss.

1. Joining big companies to start a career in digital marketing

I had kept this point in 1st position because I want to convey this to people who wish to start as a digital marketer. Joining big corporate companies being a young digital marketer is a joke.

Digital marketer working

Yes, you read that right. Its a joke. Don’t dream to start as a digital marketer with big corporations. You may not get the opportunity as well if you are very new. Maybe the 2-3 year experienced digital marketer may get that but I would suggest them as well, not to take this step when you are too young to do so [ By young I mean age group of 22-35 ]

You must be having a question of why. Let us understand this from what I learned.

What I learned from this mistake?

When you join a big corporate, their workflows are already defined by decision-makers. You work as a puppet of already formulated digital strategy and you are left out with the robotic tasks.

Just to give an example, I see a reputed MNC hire fresh new candidates with digital marketing knowledge for a silly job of manually auditing google ads. That company is a 3rd party service provider of Google. So, they give you a decent salary with perks like food and cabs.

But, you don’t grow this way in professional life. Until unless you don’t work with technology, you won’t learn anything.

You will be a part of big size team with low size work. Your learning will be zero and the time consumed would be more and worthless.

What You should do to avoid or rectify this mistake?

Start your career as a digital marketer with an internship. With an internship, I won’t say do any online internship from websites like Internshala. Try finding an in-house internship opportunity. If possible, that company needs to be a digital marketing agency with low team size.

Here again, if you join a large size agency, they will again use your time as the big corporate MNC’s do.

  • Join a small to a new digital agency,
  • Build relations with your co-workers as they all are almost budding digital marketers.
  • Understand new things. This is your right time to hustle.

So, this way you should enter into digital marketing. More to add, don’t do any random digital marketing courses.

Your digital mentor himself/herself needs to be a good marketer in order to teach you good marketing. Invest learning from them as no university has any dedicated degree or curriculum exclusively for Digital marketing.

Post learning, if you don’t want to join any internship then I would recommend you to start your own digital project. It can be anything like;

  1. Dropshipping project,
  2. Your hobby-based blog with affiliate marketing as a revenue making source.
  3. Join the freelancing websites like Fiverr and work on freelance projects.

It is extremely important to execute whatever you learned else everything is waste of time and money.

Let’s look into my 2nd mistake as a digital marketer.

2. Avoided learning from Industry Experts.

Yes, this is a big mistake that every learner does. They think buying courses from people is like being into a trap or scam. A lot of scammers have defamed this course selling business and people are already losing trust.

With so much content available for free over the internet, people think they can learn everything from youtube. This mindset is a big blunder.

digital marketer learning from expert

I don’t want to force you to buy any course or study material but I will always suggest you learn from people with experience.

Let me give you an example of learning from experienced people.

Suppose you started a google ads campaign and you know what is keyword match type like broad, phrase, and exact match. You may learn from youtube that you need to prefer an exact match to get a more specific audience but an experienced mentor will further define and help you in running and testing ad copies in order to generate more sales for the business you are working for.

I know there are too many self-proclaimed marketing gurus but you need to be wise before choosing your guru.

You can even take my consultation for free before starting anything.

3. Focused less on affiliate marketing from day one.

Affiliate marketing has a crazy scope of amplifying your revenue resources. When I say that, I mean to talk about a million-dollar revenue. Yes, that’s the potential of affiliate marketing.

When you consider yourself a passionate blogger, you should also consider yourself to simultaneously be an affiliate blogger.

digital marketer crying

What is affiliate marketing?

Not everyone can be a product creator or a service provider. But still, if you want to do marketing, either you promote a product or any service. With affiliate marketing capacity, you can earn money by promoting a good product or service.

For example, when you promote any product like WPOven, a web hosting solution, and you generate customers for them, you get a commission close to 50 USD for each sale. Imagine you got 100 sales for them in a month, you will make close to 5000 USD in a month.

Getting 100 sales is not difficult if you write amazing problem-solving content and pitch your affiliate product in it.

That’s what attract bloggers to be an affiliate marketer along with blogger.

As a good blogger, you should make sure that you only do affiliate marketing for genuine products or services else it will backfire you.

What I learned from this mistake and how I improved?

I started joining the best affiliate programs. Tested all those products and services to give genuine advice while blogging. Created content and included affiliate links so that my time gets a worth that it deserved.

I would advise you guys to write your heart out. Don’t write for the purpose of earning a commission. It is something that would naturally come. Make sure you add value to your reader before making or creating any content.

Let’s move to some more of my mistakes that you shouldn’t do.

4. Building Backlinks like a tortoise.

Well, the tortoise is a cute creature but its slow character if inherited by humans can be dangerous. Same thing I inherited while doing Off-page SEO for all websites that I own.

Currently, I own 6 websites that are live but out of all hardly 3 websites have got good authority. You will think that’s also fine but here we have a mistake that should be avoided.

Building slow backlink is not considered bad. Building fast backlink for a new website is bad. But what if you are hardly building backlinks? When you build backlinks, you indirectly promote your content. This improves your content visibility and allows you to rank on search engines better.

What mistake I did and how did I rectify?

Most of my blogs or website niche rolls around the same or parallel niche. But while building backlinks for promoting content, I was only focusing on one website to promote using off-page SEO. This didn’t help me grow multiple websites simultaneously which I could have done as they all were into the related niche.

To rectify, I diversified by backlink strategy and followed a hopping backlink building strategy.

In this, I created a pair of my website and created backlink for 1 pair at a time and replicated the same backlinks for the rest of the pairs. This was done on an alternate day basis hence the authority of all websites grew simultaneously.

Results? In the same time frame, I got the same quality results for all the websites that I was working on and owning.

As a digital marketer, you should always focus on finding solutions instead of crying about problems. Share on X

Moving to next mistake

5. Working with Poor Products And Strategies.

Ok This is the most stupid mistake I did as a digital marketer. I started a dropshipping store in august 2018. It is now running successfully both on its website and has its presence in the big market place like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

But, when I started, I did a lot of blunder. I always used to take action before learning anything. I started a dropshipping store without understanding the essence of dropshipping that it works best with some wow factor products and instead started building another amazon. LOL.

But, my learning from this mistake was massive.

Currently, I had worked with many new ecom businesses in the US, UK, and Arab countries in helping ecom business owners to take their store online. This mistake has made me learn every ups and down of the eCommerce industry.

6. Not giving space to personal Life

Being a digital marketer, if you are passionate about marketing, you will build store house of currencies but make sure you are also living your life.

Digital marketing almost halted my lifestyle for an year.

I was working day and night to execute the maximum things I can do. The vision was not to earn but to learn. The good thing about learning was, I could earn simultaneously also. The day passed and I was running after goals that spent my day-night without living it.

digital marketer life cycle

One day, I suddenly got exhausted and thought of watching a movie, and that was really motivating Bollywood movie. I realized that I am watching a movie almost after a year.

I was able to look back and recall that I didn’t live the moments for a year.

Though I learned a lot by didn’t live the life.

So, don’t do that for a long duration. You may get saturated.

You get this one life only. You don't know what will happen after death. Take this as an opportunity and live your life. Share on X

Don’t commit the above stated mistake and even if you do, keep the duration small.

Never Ending Mistakes – Final Thought

I know I am not perfect but I am passionate. I will keep making mistakes and keep learning from it.

Doing a mistake is not a sin until it affects someone badly. What you need to make sure is, you need to learn from them and improvise.

During this entire career of digital marketing, I would be doing mistakes and keep listing them in this blog in the future as well.

This will at least help other beginners or people in the industry to learn before they make mistakes on their part.

Stay connected and keep learning.

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