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Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools You Must Use in 2021

top digital marketing tools

People generally believe that digital marketing is magic. I don’t know why?. Conventional marketing was more of reach out to customers directly but with digital marketing growth, this has become quite automated. This has happened due to some crazy digital marketing tools. These tools boosted ROI’s for businesses. Probably the reason to make people think of it as magic.

Well, those who are into digital marketing, they know how to do this magic. It takes a lot of effort to identify the business potential and channels to grow an online business.

With the practice of using digital marketing tools, it becomes rewarding for the marketing team to enjoy sales even when we sleep.

Would you also like to keep the sales ON while you sleep? This happens when you switch to automation.

Today in this blog, I am going to introduce some of the smartest digital marketing tools that have the power to automate your sales. So hold tight as here we go with the list.

1. Hunter

Hunter is an email grabber tool. It helps you find the email addresses that are associated with any website. Let me show you an example.

I will go through a website. Here I am taking an example of cutehr website. And using hunter chrome extension to grab email id on this website.

nter digital marketing tools
Grabbed the email id associated with this website.

So, you can use this tool to find out business emails.

How Hunter is a good digital marketing tool?

So, what can you do using this digital marketing tool? Let me give you an answer to it.

  • Contact the webmasters with email outreach method to collaborate for guest post link building.
  • Add these emails into your email marketing in order to pitch your product or service.
  • Use email Marketing paid ads method to target people with display or text or Facebook ads for retargeting purpose.

Using Hunter is quite good for reaching out to businesses in order to introduce your offerings. This Digital Marketing tool is great if you want to start your sales funnel without waiting for search engine top results.

2. Zoho Mail for Business Emails.

Zoho mail is one of the best digital marketing tools for getting free business emails. If you are a digital marketer then you already know the importance of having a business email.

With Zoho, you can create up to 5 free business email. If you don’t know what is business email then let me clear your doubt.

For example, if you have your website like then with the help of zoho, you can create up to 5 free business emails that can be like

  • or
  • etc etc

Such emails look more professional when you do email outreaching for businesses.

3. SimilarWeb

The similarweb is an awesome digital marketing tool. It is commonly used for its chrome extension and has both free and premium access.

With similar web,

  • You get instant information to important statistics of the website.
  • It is used for competitor analysis.
  • You can identify what is the major traffic source for any particular website.
  • You also get an option to compare two different websites at a time.
  • Not only website, but it also helps to study important insights related to any mobile app.

I use similar web chrome extension to quickly browse the value of any website. It helps me identify if the website is worth to trust for the purpose like a guest post, or if I had to buy anything from a website.

Let me show you how this tool helps me identify the worth of any website authority.

similar web digital marketing tools
Similar web data

So, if you go to a website and then click on the similar web chrome extension, you will find the following statistics.

  1. You will easily identify that where is the business trying to grow its visibility. In the above example, I have taken Bluehost [web hosting company] Indian website URL. so, it is quite clear that Bluehost is massively trying to increase its visibility in India.
  2. The website gets approximately 136.7K people visitors on the website.
  3. The bounce rate of the website is also awesome. It means that the people visiting this site is spending a good amount of time on their website. It tells us that their content is really adding value to readers. You can study their content and create a better content strategy.

Hence, this digital marketing tool is highly promising for any digital marketer to perform a good marketing research and competitor analysis.

4. Moz Toolbar

If you are into digital marketing for a quite longer timer, then you already must be a pro user of this tool. For people who are new to digital marketing, you must have heard something like DA, PA. Right?

DA means domain authority and PA means page authority. These terms were coined by Moz itself. Google has never told that they have any scorecard like DA, PA to judge the website authority. Still, the entire world follows these metrics as its value highly matches with a general authoritative website.

So how this digital marketing tool is important for you?

If you install the Moz Chrome extension then it quickly shows you the DA, PA of any website which you open into your chrome browsers.

A good DA, PA value of the website determines the high trust value of any website. This will again be useful like the similar webs digital marketing tool.

Let us have a look at this Digital Marketing tool.

Moz toolbar screenshot.

In the above moz tool bar,

  • You quickly get access to know the website DA, PA value,
  • The number of backlinks that the page has acquired.
  • Also, the spam score can be identified to know if the website is spammy or not.

For any digital marketer, this tool is a must.

5. SEO Quake

SEO quake is again a chrome extension which is one of the smartest digital marketing tool among all. How? Let me explain.

If you have premium access to semrush, this tool will give you more than the required data. With this tool, you can

  1. Conduct an SEO audit in a moment. You can figure out easily what’s wrong or right with SEO of any website.
  2. You can easily compare different domains and understand what’s the thing that is not letting your rank on top.
  3. Get a complete keyword report on any page. This helps in identifying what on-page keyword, your competitor is optimizing for.
  4. You also get backlink data.
  5. All the data like backlinks, inbound and outbound links and important information can be gathered in a single sheet.

If you have premium access to semrush, then these data study can be done more effectively.

I would recommend trying this digital marketing tool if you are planning to take your digital marketing career to a greater height.

SEO quake

Final Thought.

There is literally an abundant tool to simplify and automate your digital marketing process. I would keep blogging about the different tool in my product review category where you will know about the craziest tool to grow your online business.

Meanwhile, there will be many new and old digital marketing tools that you will be learning but never forget basic tools. By basic digital marketing tool I mean google analytics, google search console, WordPress etc which are the basic building blocks of your marketing base.

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