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The best web hosting service in 2022. How to Choose?

how to choose the best web hosting services in 2020

The biggest puzzle people have while starting a new website is to choose the best web hosting service. It is always important to have the hosting that can provide you the best performance. In this guide, I am going to explain this entire process of selecting a web hosting service.

Whenever you are at the stage to subscribe to a hosting plan, you need to identify your vision of starting a website. The website is your business. Whether you are starting a blog or you have a business, it is important to identify, who much traffic you are targetting in the next 1-2 months.

Before that, let us first understand what is a web hosting and all kind of hosting services that are available in the market to start any website.

For readers finding cheap web hosting in India, you should also consider the location of your datacenters to be in India. Similarly, whenever you chose a hosting solution, consider having a study of datacenters.

What is a web hosting service?

Web hosting service are a kind of technology for website management solution online. It is a hard disk of your complete that is available in the format of cloud system where you can store all your website data and can make it live to be used and access by users worldwide.

To understand it in a more layman language, it is similar to your computer’s or laptop’s CPU that is being provided by a service provider, where you don’t have physical access to your CPU but you can use it to store and share data remotely.

Whenever you buy any best hosting service, you are allocated certain resources according to the money you pay to web hosting service provider pricing. In this guide, I am going to tell you the different best web hosting services and how to choose the best one.


Types of Best web hosting services.

types of web hosting services.

There are few definite types of the best web hosting that you can opt to purchase according to your initial and long term business or blogging plans.

Let us first know the different type of web hosting and later we shall know how to choose the best according to your requirements.

  1. Shared Web hosting service.
  2. Managed Web hosting service.
  3. VPS web hosting service.
  4. Dedicated hosting service.
  5. Cloud-Based Hosting service

A newbie web developer may get confused about choosing the best web hosting service among them. In this blog, I will guide you on what web hosting to choose for your website.

What are the features of the best web hosting service?

You can easily identify the best hosting features according to some parameters listed below.

  • Better storage capacity with SSD storage.
  • Good bandwidth provided with better data transfer speed.
  • Best control panel features that can make it easier for a developer for general integrations and web management.
  • 24*7 support must be provided by web hosting services as your website needs 100% monitoring if it has high no of users.
  • Best uptime web monitoring guaranteed to be up at least 99.9 percent of the time and available to visitors.
  • The best hosting provider should provide email features so that you can manage your business email.
  • Free or Paid SSL feature is a must for any web hosting as it helps to secure website transactions.

If the above features are found in any web hosting service provider then we can surely label them as best web hosting service provider.

How to choose the best web hosting service for your new website?

Now we know what is web hosting and what are its different type. In this section, we will understand these web hosting in details according to its business fit.

Let’s get this pointwise.

  1. Understand your business/website requirement.
  2. Identify the kind of traffic you are expecting at the initial stage
  3. Understand Your target audience location.

This is important to find an answer to all the above step before choosing the best web hosting service.

Understand your business/website requirement.

When you are going to make a decision to purchase any best web hosting service, you need to identify requirements.

  1. What is your website going to be about?

What is the best Web hosting to choose for starting a blogging website?

If you are stating a simple blogging website then it is a general perception that you won’t be able to inrush huge traffic until and unless you already have a huge fan base.

Suppose you are expecting around 5k users to hit your blogging website in the first 1-2 month. This number is not too big. Most of the time, a newbie blogger won’t even touch 1k visitors a month. In that case, subscribing to a high-end web hosting services like VPS, Dedicated or cloud hosting is not a good choice.

When you are at the starting stage then you can prefer to choosing a starter plan from shared web hosting.

What is the best Web hosting to choose for starting a corporate website?

Corporate websites are a business website. It is going to be the first face of any business. It has to work fluently with perfect loading performance and better uptime.

Identify the user’s number that are going to use the website. If the company/corporate size is big, it is going to hit a huge visitor hits and hence, choosing a shared hosting is a bad plan. Moreover shared hosting is not good if you are really serious about your business.

Shared hosting can be used by beginners for testing purpose or just for the sake of starting a website.

For a corporate or business website, you should always prefer opting a minimum of VPS and preferably a cloud or dedicated server hosting services.

What is the best Web hosting to choose for starting an e-commerce website?

Ecommerce websites are mostly of large size in terms of storage requirements. These websites have to display a huge amount of multimedia and handle too many requests at a time hence choosing the best web hosting service is always a challenge. I am going to remove this challenge by suggesting the best solution.

If you are a simple dropshipping website in your initial days or any simple e-com website, you must opt for a VPS Web hosting service. Again I won’t recommend choosing shared hosting as these servers are very slow of any e-commerce website.

Ecommerce website is highly dependent on user experience and hence every click and loading time matters.

Amazon makes a billion-dollar loss if their website loading time reduces by 1s.

So, if you are looking to start an e-commerce, switch to VPS hosting or go beyond that by switching to dedicated servers or cloud hosting. If you have good funding and budget then get your inhouse servers for amazing website performance.

Let us understand the process of choosing the best web hosting service according to website visitors.

Identify the kind of traffic you are expecting at the initial stage

In the last section, we described the choosing process according to business requirements. We also gave you hints on how to choose according to website clicks that you are expecting. In this section, we will make it more clear on getting the best web hosting according to the visitors that a web host can handle.

  • If you are expecting a website hit between 0-5k/ month then you can choose to go for subscribing to shared or managed web hosting.
  • If you are looking to exclusively work on WordPress and also have a huge traffic influx then I would recommend you to buy Managed VPS hosting service.
  • Now If you expect website visitors from 5k-50k a month then you should start with a minimum of VPS Web hosting and above.
  • When your website hit is beyond 50k or 100k users a month, you should prefer a hosting of dedicated servers and beyond.

You should migrate your website as the traffic grow. Initially, when you subscribe to a web hosting solution, you don’t know how far your online business shall go, so you are the boss of your vision. Understand your growth hack and opt for the best hosting solution accordingly,

My personal recommendation would be to choose VPS managed WordPress hosting for a WordPress website or a simple VPS hosting for any type of website that you are starting. This suggestion is for the beginner. If you have huge funding, without any second thought, just go for Dedicated or cloud-based hosting.

Let us further understand the process of choosing the best web hosting according to your target audience location.

Understand Your target audience location.

Choosing the best web hosting according to your target audience location is very important. If you are opting to buy servers, your server location needs to be near your target audience country,

When you are subscribing to a web hosting service, you get an option to choose your server location.

The nearer is your server location is, to your target audience, the faster is your site load time. Fast loading websites are getting ranked better on search engines as it is one of the important off-page SEO factors.

I would also strongly recommend you to connect your website to content distribution network systems or CDN to improve your website loading worldwide.

A CDN helps you to distribute your website content to its different server location by creating multiple copies of your website and storing them to their worldwide server location. It reduces the ping request and sends time and ultimately improving your website loading time.

You can prefer using any best web hosting service that helps you to integrate their web hosting pannel with any CDN service.

You can prefer using Cloudflare as your CDN.

Final thought.

My personal recommendation on choosing web hosting is to subscribe to a managed VPS WordPress hosting if you have a WordPress website or any type of website. Alternatively, you can also prefer subscribing to cloud-based hosting.

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