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How To Grow Your Youtube Channel in 2021? [Top Secrets]

how to grow your youtube channel in 2020

So, you have videos on your youtube channel. Right? Let me know your youtube channel link in the comment section below. Your problem right now is, it’s not growing. People are not able to discover your videos and hence you are getting few to no views on your video. This is your problem and you want to know How To Grow Your Youtube Channel?

There are immense amounts of blogs and articles telling about so many ways to grow your youtube channel but still, you seem to be failing. Don’t worry, I have some quick hacks to help you with ways on how to grow your youtube channel.

Do read all the tricks and try implementing them on your channel.

Top 5 Unique ways on how to grow your youtube channel which no one reveals.

A lot of people would write in the very first line that create the best content. Yes, this is a pure and correct answer in growing your youtube channel. But if I say that even stupid videos on youtube have got insane views and followers?

I know you will accept that fact because it’s real. I won’t say you can grow your youtube channel with poor content also but sometimes, with the right strategy of targetting audiences, you can grow youtube channel with poor content as well. How?

Because the global population is 7,577,130,400 people on earth and I believe there is always someone who can love your video if they are watching youtube.

Read these 100 Best YouTube Video Ideas for 2021 to start your Youtube channel with the best content idea.

So let’s find out ways on how to grow your youtube channel in 2021.

I will list down 5 ways here and then we will discuss them one by one to have a better understanding.

  1. Do keyword research for your content.
  2. Perform competitor analysis in your niche.
  3. Optimize your videos.
  4. Try collaborations.
  5. Use Paid promotions with Google Ads.
  6. Connect with right Digital consultant to help you.

So let us now understand these top 9 ways. These are the ways which no one will reveal. But I am going to explain it step by step, right here.

Keyword Research for growing your youtube channel.

You must have heard this method earlier too. In this section, I will reveal the best way to do grab organic videos on your youtube channel.

You can create any video for youtube channel. That’s never an issue. But the problem is, do you really know out of billion people, how many of them are looking for a video like yours?

Imagine a situation, 100 people are searching on youtube every month, “How to grow your youtube channel” and you have a video about it. Analogously, 100K people are searching “how to get more subscriber on youtube” and you have a video on it also.

The problem? Well, for the 100k searches, there would be more people fighting to get views on their videos. For 100 searches, hardly anyone would be trying to get on 1st position of the search.

So, creating a video on 100k topic and working hard on it would fetch you more visibility. In the eyes of youtube ranking algorithm, all channels are the same to some extent. Its algorithm wants the best content to be displayed to users.

You must be having a question as to how the algorithm will understand if our video is good or bad? That I will explain in point number 5 as stated above.

Before that, let me make this clear to you that you need to identify, what people are interested in watching in your video category.

This requires extensive keyword research. So let us learn how we can do a keyword search for our youtube channel.

How to do Keyword Research for Youtube channel Videos?

Tools are a lifeline. There are many online free tools and also paid tools that will help you in finding your keywords.

The world of digital marketing talks a lot about Off-page SEO. This technique has been only talked in terms of Blogging and ranking on the google search engine. But let me remind you. Youtube is a product of Google and both these business run on a similar ranking factor to a little bit extent.

We can use this little bit of similarity if you want to know how to grow your youtube channel with this. Let us know the tools that will help us do the keyword research for youtube channel videos.

Free Tools to do keyword research for youtube videos.

Here is a list of tool which we can use to do keyword research for free.

  1. Google Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner for youtube video

Google keyword planner is a completely free tool. If you are a marketeer, you would be thinking how google keyword planner is helpful in youtube keyword research? Right?. I will explain it here in this article itself. Go ahead to get this answer.

I am taking the example of a youtube channel called Gamers Paradise.

If we do keyword research for this key on google keyword planner for worldwide location [ taking worldwide location because game enthusiasts are the same for the entire world. ] we found that monthly search of this keyword on the google search engine is 10K – 100K with low competition.

So, one thing is clear. People are heavily searching for this keyword worldwide.

Next, in order to get organic views from google search, you need to check if your keyword gets youtube videos ranked in search engine results or not.

If you search gamers paradise, you will get a result similar to this one below.

So, this means, your keyword has a high potential to push organic views on your video.

You need to optimize your video and channel according to the keyword which I will be explaining in the upcoming section. is an online tool which helps in doing youtube keyword research directly. How? Let’s see. for youtube video

Well, if you visit that website, you will find the answer to all your youtube keyword research right in front of you.

With you will get a direct option to find what people are searching on youtube country wise.

Here’s the screenshot.

This is actually not a free tool but the free version at least provide you with the list of popular keyword around your video ideas.

The keyword coming in the top of the list has larger searches. You get many filter option.

If you have a good budget then I would recommend you to buy a premium version of this tool.

Let us find some paid tools for keyword research.

Paid Tools to do keyword research for youtube videos.

Let me save your time before wasting your time to talk much about the paid tool as I want to give you honest tips.

If you can understand the google keyword planner then you don’t need any other tools as almost all other tools are integrated via API to it to extract data for you.

List of paid tools for keyword research.

These two tools are important if you want to extensively grow with hardcore SEO for your youtube channel.

These two paid tools will be important for you in your competitor analysis. So let’s jump to next top-secret hack on how to grow your youtube channel.

Perform competitor analysis in your niche.

I talked about two tools i n my last paragraphs. Those were ahref and semrush. Both of these tools are paid tools but I would personally recommend Semrush for youtube competitor analysis. In further reading in this section, I will reveal an interesting way to of using semrush to grow your youtube channel. So keep reading ahead.

If you are a blogger then you can do competitor analysis using ubersuggest for free.

I will be telling you why and how to do competitor analysis for your youtube channel if you want to know how to grow your youtube channel.

Why to do competitor analysis to grow youtube channel?

Whenever you want to grow any type of youtube channel, it is quite obvious that you will already have a good list of competitors.

These competitors would be outranking you in youtube searches and organic views. They must be doing something out of the box then rest of the video producers.

Doing a competitor analysis gives us a lot of growth hacking information that you can replicate for yourself in order to grow. Like

What kind of videos does your viewers love more?

You can identify this by going through your competitor’s channel and sort the videos with the highest views. This way you can get the

Headings, title, description ideas.

Having a good heading/title for your video is very important as it gives you the advantage of getting more clicks. Sometimes you will find that your competitors are using emojis in headings or any bonus word to attract people’s attention.

Affiliate income Ideas.

Affiliate business is one of the highest paying business models in this world. People earn billion and millions of money just by recommending something better. You can go to your competitor’s videos and try to identify the kind of external links that they are putting in their video description. Most of the time, they are adding an affiliate link to any product or service that they are promoting in their videos in order to earn some affiliate commission. For suppose, as we talked about gamers paradise in the beginning, they can recommend people to purchase the game so the user can click to go and buy online. This can in return pay affiliate commissions to the affiliated guy in gamers paradise. Learn the best affiliate platform with me. [Blog coming soon on this]

Identify where is your competitor’s channel is getting more mentions and traffic.

With tools like semrush, you can find where is your competitor getting mention outside youtube. Getting mention for youtube videos outside youtube gives a good signal and boost videos to be shown to more people. It’s like getting shares for your Videos. I will be telling how to use semrush for youtube competitor analysis later in this blog. Keep reading.

You can outreach to people where your competitor is getting a mention and try getting a mention for yourself too. Sometimes its paid or else it’s free.

How to do Youtube channel competitor’s analysis with Semrush?

Semrush is a paid tool. You need to have a premium subscription in order to outrank your youtube channel competitors. In this section, I will be telling you how to do this analysis with semrush.

I will be again taking the example of Gamers paradise youtube channel.

If we search gamers paradise on youtube, there are already many channels with that name. So in order to check with the competitor, I chose this channel as it is also ranking on Keyword “gamers paradise” on google search.

You need to follow the following step to identify the kind of mentions that your competitor is getting. [Basically their channel is being talked about outside youtube, which also improves the channel authority to rank better on youtube.]

  1. Find the channel homepage URL.
  2. Enter the URL in semrush backlink analytics.
  3. Find all refering domains.
  4. Click on view backlinks to find where and in what way people are mentioning your competitors.
  5. Outreach those people to show or find ways to put your channel links also in those places.

Using these 5 steps for at least 10 of your competitors, you will eventually start getting more visibility. Let me show these 5 steps via video. Watch the video below.

If you follow these steps for ranking any particular video or a complete channel on a regular basis, your channel authority will improve and you shall start receiving more organic views which have high subscriber fetching source.

So that was about how to spread your youtube video outside youtube to improve channel authority. But you also need to optimize your youtube video in order to grow your youtube channel. So let’s get to the third secret hack on how to grow your youtube channel.

Optimize Your Youtube Videos.

Just uploading a video on youtube and expecting it to get views is a flop idea. You need to upload good content and also optimize it using the features allowed by youtube to exploit to make it more understandable by its algorithm.

In this section, I will be telling you top 10 ways to optimize your youtube video. Follow this religiously if you want to learn how to grow your youtube channel. So let us understand this.

1. Try adding the keyword in your video title.

The keyword research that I explained to you in the first step itself, you need to use that keyword in your title. How should you add this keyword in your title?

Try adding it at the beginning of the title itself. Let me show you an example of the keyword ‘On-page SEO’. If you search it on youtube, you will find that top ranking video’s title start their title with the keyword.

So you see? How to utilize your keyword in your title. It is not compulsion to add the keyword in the beginning because you need to have an attractive title also to have better CTR [Click through rate].

2. Add keywords in your video description.

Adding keywords in your description is also important. Let us directly see how the video ranking for on-page SEO keyword is using the keyword in the description.

How To Grow Your Youtube Channel with On page SEO optimization

Always prefer repeating the keyword in your description of the video. Make sure not to overuse the keyword as it is pure spamming.

3. Use VidIQ Google chrome extension.

You must use Vid IQ chrome extension to improve your youtube ranking. It will help you in the following way.

Some of the great features of Vid IQ are.

  • Scorecard for making a fully optimized video.
  • Keyword tool to find the best performing keyword for your videos.
  • Keeping an eye on the competitor to know how they are growing.
  • ViDIQ keeps you informed about what’s trending so that you can post videos on-trend. Trending videos always get huge organic views.
  • Compare Video View Velocity on YouTube
  • It gives you productivity tools like bulk copying of end screen, commenting to automate your replies for too many comments.
  • With VidIQ, You can generate video thumbnails from video screens itself.
  • With this tool, sharing videos to Facebook gets easier.

It gives your video optimization score which helps you identify if your video is properly ready to gain organic view or not.

Your target should be to make the VidIQ score equal to 100.

VidIQ helps you by giving a checklist of operations to be performed to reach 90-100 Vid IQ Score.

Vid IQ will also help you add the best Tags in your youtube tag section. The tags are a great identifier for your youtube video.

VidIQ help on How To Grow Your Youtube Channel

If you follow all the steps suggested by VidIQ, you are surely going to boost your video visibility with growth hacking rate.

Following the above methods will surely boost your channel and you will start getting views over your video to an extent. So, in the next steps, I am going to tell more ways that will blast your numbers to huge figures of viewers.

Try Collaboration for your youtube channel.

Human being are social animals. Lol. So why you guys are not being yourself. Collaborate with people in your niche. By collaboration, I mean outreaching to other youtubers, bloggers or influencers who are in your niche itself.

You can use tools like influencers hub that will help you find the right influencers in your niche and negotiate with them to help you grow.

Sometimes you will also find an opportunity while doing competitor analysis also. I already explained to you in the above video on how to find an opportunity for outreach.

You can also use Google search queries to find collaboration opportunities.

Here is a list of google search queries explained on ahref blog.

Let me take an example for you again on how to use a google search query to do collaboration and grow your youtube channel.

I will be using Q&A google search query to find an opportunity to post an answer related to my niche question. I am taking the example of gamers paradise youtube channel again. “best gaming youtube channel”

I got a few questions with too many engagements. We identify the engagement of a question by

  • The number of people who have answered the question.
  • The number of people following the questions.
  • If possible, also check if the question URL is ranking for keywords or not using semrush or any free tool like ubersuggest. If it is ranking for keywords then that question must also be getting organic readers. You can use quora for marketing your youtube channel very easily.
How To Grow Your Youtube Channel by answering on quora

Answering questions like these on quora can really build great traffic to your youtube videos.

Use Google Ads for advertising your video.

This method is a good way if you are very confident about your video. There are many ways to run a video ad but if you want people to watch your video and then take action such as like, subscribe or share then you must try to run video ads on a keyword basis.

Let me show you an example. Please understand this carefully as hardly anyone on internet will explain you this method.

If you believe your content is really powerful such that people will love your video at the very 1st views then you must use this method.

I searched for buy SEO tool and found that a video is being advertised on this keyword for the first position.

How To Grow Your Youtube Channel with google ads

So this guy has intelligently ranked his video for the targetted audience. The keyword has a buying intent and they are the one how are looking to grow their organic traffic. So, in his video, the guy is talking about a tool which will get them Organic traffic. So, his video has good videos count and likes.

If you know how to run video ads this way then you will surely scale your youtube video overnight. I am serious when I say overnight. Advertising has a huge power to grow your youtube channel.

Consult with a digital consultant.

If you are an individual or a small team of video producer and only want to focus on builing great content then putting above guided steps will consume a lot of your time.

If you hire a digital consultant for the same, you can archive those success with their help.

Personally, you should focus on producing good content. You should always focus on what you are made for. If you try to be the jack of all then you won’t be master of anything. So, you must get in touch with a consultant who can do everything for you.

Final Thought.

I know you would have got a little bit of idea on how to grow your youtube channel in 2021 as I have told you top 5 ways to grow your youtube channel

I would strongly recommend you to use VidIQ if you can’t afford Semrush.

Growing youtube channel is not difficult. It just needs dedication and motivation to go ahead with the game.

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