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Stop Marketing Yourself Human

Somebody said to me, if you wish to win the race, you will have to run in that race. You cannot win without running. This is that life where you have this one chance. We don’t know how we will end up but we keep on struggling every day to make our tomorrow better without even realizing that yesterday was already better than the day before yesterday.

So, are we marketing ourselves? Have we made ourselves as a product or service provider where we are marketing it in return for some cash or pleasure?

Most of the time, we will find people grow up, spend life around a job, earn money, build a home, car, bank balance, and die. We have this one single life but we hardly live it for ourselves for a very long duration. We do take holidays but do we leave everything to go and meet ourselves? Who we are, why we are. We don’t even give a damn.

We keep marketing ourselves to our boss, to our company, even to our family and relatives that we have reached to XYZ position, salary, etc. What is all this? We are marketing ourselves to this world just to tell that we are richly existing and having a bright tomorrow without even realizing that we are moving towards our grave without enjoying the day before yesterday or yesterday.

What we did yesterday? We marketed ourselves on an insta story that hey, I am on an outing. Or, we put up a motivational quote thinking it resonates with me and the people reading will also think the way I am thinking after reading it.

How we are marketing ourselves?

  1. We share our lifestory on social media.
  2. We buy expensive stuff and show it to other that see we are rich and I am doing amazing in life.
  3. We will post our handsome and beautiful pic to market our charming personality.
  4. Our parents will talk about our archivements to their peers.
  5. We will look for shopping in festive seasons meanwhile it was only meant to feel the festive but shopping was important because we wanted to market ourself that we can afford rich festive moments. Who is even interested to know? People would be infact jealous.

So, listen. We all are marketers, trying to sell our talents, or our lifestyle, our belongings, our time, or even our life to someone else just because we have to project our presence in the society who is always ready to backstab you.

That’s human marketing and that’s what we are doing everyday.

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