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Why WordPress is the best? (WordPress tips)

WordPress is a free open source content management system. It can help any non-coding person build any kind of website. By any kind of website, I mean it.

Even if you don’t know to code, you can build any kind of websites like

  • Ecommerce,
  • Corporate website,
  • discussion forum or anything that you can imagine.

Am I joking? No, absolutely no.

So how is that possible. This is what your mind is questioning?

I will give an answer to your curiosity. WordPress is a content management system as I already told. It helps you install any code that is designed of any purpose as per your requirements.

Lets clear this puzzle straight away.

How to use WordPress to build any kind of website?

Read the following steps carefully. No expert or guru will reveal these secrets of creating a website like this. So let’s begin.

  1. Buy a domain. I have already explained in my blog on how to choose domain name
  2. Get a hosting service plan. I would recommend going with WpOven hosting services. They are the exclusive hosting provider for WordPress with perfect support to guide you for all your technical glitches and issues.
  3. Point your domain to your hosting name servers. In my youtube Video, I have explained: “How to point your domain to your hosting services”. It may take few to 24hrs to get your domain pointed properly. Check dnschecker
  4. Once your website is pointed, install the WordPress on your website.
  5. After your WordPress is installed, just log in to your admin dashboard and go to appearance>theme to install your WordPress theme. You can visit “themeforest” to buy any kind of WordPress theme template Here you can get a template for any kind of online platform that you want to create.
  6. Next, comes the biggest challenge but not as difficult as coding. You need to customize your theme. There is a shortcut. If the theme provider gives you demo content then import the demo content and just re-edit the theme according to your requirements.
  7. While customizing the theme, you must read the documentation along with website designing. Once you become pro in customizing WordPress theme then you won’t need to read that also.
  8. After you have completed your customization, you need to install some WordPress plugins to speed up your website.

If it gets too difficult for you to DIY, you can also find people to do it for you. There are many freelancers and agency which offers services like eCommerce website development, theme designing, customization and much more.

What WordPress plugins increase your wordpress site speed?

Most WordPress web designer have this question. Fast loading of website is necessary as it helps you rank your website well on search engine. So what plugins help you increase your site speed?

  • Wp-Rocket: I strongly recommend this. It boosts your site loading speed quickly.
  • Wp-super Cache: Having control over your cache is important. Hence use a cache plugin.
  • Smush: It is an image compressing plugin. It compresses your heavy sized images hence loading of images become faster.

Do you know more plugins to enhance site speed? Mention them in the comment below. I will update them here.

Once your website is ready, do check the site load time. How much time it takes to load.

You can use the following website to test your site speed.
They all are online site speed testing website.


Did you find the above method difficult? Did I talk about coding? No. it’s as easy as that. If you are facing any issue in developing your WordPress website, just connect with me. I will help you with everything.

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