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How To Start A Profitable Domain Flipping Business?

how to start domain flipping business

Online business is one of the most profitable ways to build a good business. There are infinite ways and Ideas that you can use to start a business. Out of all these ways, In this blog, I am going to tell you the complete story of starting a domain flipping business.

Yes guys, tighten up your seat belts because I am going to introduce you to one of the most profitable online businesses in this blog.

There are a lot of resources online that will tell you to buy and sell the domain. But this is not exactly a long term business plan. So, I am going to teach you how to convert the domain flipping business into a long term business plan.

Before that, let us first understand the definition and meaning of domain flipping.

What is Domain Flipping?

Domain flipping is a method or process in which you buy a domain [ Generally a .com ] with an intent to sell it as quickly as possible. This method needs to be worked intelligently.

Randomly buying any domain with an intent to sell again won’t get you any buyer. Hence you need to have a strategy to buy a profitable domain for your domain flipping purpose.

If you can understand this method then it is very easy to convert it into a long term domain flipping business.

So, let me share with you my idea of converting a domain flipping method into a complete domain flipping business model for the long term.

How to choose domain? Complete Process

Characters of people holding internet search icons illustration

Domain flipping business needs the selection of good domain name that can generate revenue for buyers. In this process, you need two take care of two things while purchasing a domain for domain flipping business.

  1. The domain must be an exact match domain. [ This is a prior criterion to jump into domain flipping business. ]
  2. Your domain must be a .com domain. [ As .com is of high demand and can rank internationally ]
  3. Your domain should be an old age domain if possible. [ This is not compulsory but preferable ]

Let us understand the above process in detail so that you are able to get the best domain for flipping.

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Steps to Buy an exact match domain in Bulk.

Sell website for domain flipping businesses
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You may be thinking what is exact match domain. Right? Let us understand that.

Exact match domains are those domains that have a keyword in their domain. For example, if people are searching for ‘Yoga mat online’ that’s close to 100k monthly search. In this case, if you own a .com domain on this keyword, that is then it is likely that your domain will be at 1st position for that search after a little effort on SEO.

So, with least SEO effort, you will be at 1st position getting 70-80% traffic of that volume search from search engine.

Let us learn this method of buying an exact match domain in bulk.

  1. Go to the keyword planner by Google.
  2. Enter your keyword.
  3. You will get a list of keywords around your keyword.
  4. Download the list of all these keywords in excel format.
  5. Sort the keywords according to their volume from high to low.
  6. Now filter only those keywords who have volume up to 1K monthly searches.
  7. Copy those keywords, and remove the spaces between the words of the keyword using online space remover.
  8. Now go to Namecheap and use the domain search with beast mode feature. With beast mode, you can enter up to 5000 keywords at a time and use filters like available domains that are not priced at a premium value and belong to .com TLD.
  9. Here you are ready to find all the exact match domain from NameCheap.
  10. Click add to cart for your desired domain names and make a bulk purchase.

Exclusive: up to 74% off on top domains at Namecheap

Buying domain from Namecheap is advantageous too. It saves the privacy of your domain for free and also gives you free business emails when you purchase a domain from NameCheap.

So, you have a domain name with an exact match name.

Let us explore other things also while you are choosing a domain.

How to Buy an old age domain name?

Buy domain for flipping
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Getting an exact match domain with an old age expired domain is a very rare opportunity. In this section, I will expalin how to purchase an old or expired domain.

Benifits of buying an old domain.

There are some important benifits of buying an old domain.

  1. They have higher authority.
  2. You can find some high quality backlinks already present for their domains.
  3. Your SEO will be boosted from the very early days of starting the website.
  4. Your website will be indexed quickly by search engines.

To search and buy such expired domain, you can visit this website.

The idea of Domain Flipping Businesses

idea of domain flipping businesses.
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We already learned how we can buy a good domain name for domain flipping. Now, selling one, two or few domain and reselling will not make massive revenue source for you.

To earn lifetime for long term, you need to convert your domain buy and sell business into domain flipping business How can we do that?

Here’s the idea.

To sell the domain, you can create your own domain for hosting a marketplace website.

Before executing this business plan, make sure that the domains you purchase, won’t sell until you generate traffic around your domain.

So design a website on any free WordPress theme and optimize the website with On-page SEO rules so that it can rank on top for its own domain name.

How to execute this business plan?

  1. Buy a domain name for this business.
  2. Build an eCommerce website on WordPress woo-commerce.
  3. Create some affiliate websites using the above exact match domains.
  4. List all your domains with a working website on your parent marketplace e-commerce website.

This way, you can create an eCommerce of domain flipping business and start selling your own websites based on exact match domains.

Work on building traffic to your parent eCommerce and start selling your affiliate websites on the bulk purchased domains.

This process will take you some time to build a large traffic so in the mean time you can choose market places to build short term revenue.

7 of the Best Marketplaces for Website Flipping

Here is the list of 7 websites for domain flipping. Till the time you build your personal market place for domain flipping, you can sell on these market places to build revenue to reinvest for your own marketplace growth.

1. Flippa: Probably the pioneer and the leader of this business, Flippa was the first site to start domain selling and buying

2. Trademysite: Trademysite is a new platform for business owners to sell their sites

3. Afternic: Afternic is yet another popular site for selling and buying domains. There are a number of sites that are in partnership with the Afternic.

4. Freemarket: Freemarket is a newly started website by the team who was behind the site

5. Digital Point Forum: Digital Point Forum is another decent platform for flipping websites, as well as domain.

6. Web Hosting Talk: Web Hosting Talk is an online forum type of website, similar to Digital Point Forum, where you can also sell domains and websites, as well as utilize the forum for questions and discussions.

7. Website Broker: Website Broker is an online marketplace for selling and buying domains. There are many visitors on this site, so you can expect a good price for your domain.

Use these platforms in your initial business starting days and generate revenue to keep funding your own market places.

How To Get Maximum bid sales on Marketplace for bidding?

So, domain flipping is just one part. Tons of you will start will buying domains that you find potential and get it listed on above marketplace. But, it is not necessary that you will get a good price for it. So, it is important to improve your domain in terms of value. I am suggesting some ways in which you can input some efforts to scale up your domain value.

  1. Build an online business around it. It can be a blog or a dropship ecommerce.
  2. Integrate some automations into your domain after building a business over it. Like you can integrate CRM or Get ERP services to integrate best ERP for automating business gains to show to buyer while selling the domain.
  3. You can also create video channel over those domain on any video script and post all videos that are allowed for reselling on youtube and start shring on social media. It will boast website traffic and increase its domain value.

If you wish to know more strategies to improve your domain value, get a free consultation call with me and we shall discuss more opportunities related to it.


This was a complete idea of starting your own domain flipping business. If you have issues like web development or domain buying and hosting then I can recommend some of my blog which will give your step by step process to build one for yourself.

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These guides will help you in learning a lot of important skills to start your domain flipping business.

And finally, if you need my guidance then consult me.

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