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Digitaltants: Break Freelancing Stereotype

A roadmap to becoming professional Digital Consultants.

Welcome to being a part of my first book launch. My journey into this digital industry is growing exciting every day and there are a lot of things that keep changing. I always say that the digital field is dynamic. You don’t know what’s working today, may not work tomorrow. 

So, it is very important for every digital consultant to be evergreen with the technology dynamics. Hence, I have come up with this book, where I had written about the mechanism of being an evergreen consultant which will eventually help readers grow as a brand in the digital industry. Excited? 😍

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What Does This Book Cover?

If you are excited to be the early buyers of this book, you are going to get a lot of valuable, right roadmap to grow as a smart digitaltant. This book has a lot to offer in terms of practicing the right ways and ethics to build a name in the digital industry. It will teach you how you can work passionately and get your advocates ready to talk about the amazing work that you offer. Let’s have a quick go through the table of contents of Digitaltants. 

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Digital Space

Chapter 2: The “Why To’s” of every beginner

Chapter 3: The “How To’s” of every beginner

Chapter 4: Building Foundation Of A Digitaltant

Chapter 5:  Ideas Of Identifying

Chapter 6:  Onboarding Clients

Chapter 7:  Hiring, Team Building, And Outsourcing

Chapter 8:  Scaling Up As A Digitaltant

Chapter 9:  Exiting the Digitaltant Journey

This book is like the life journey of any digital consultant. This career is dynamic. Some of them stay lifelong in this field while others evolve into different sectors. Hence, a complete roadmap of how to start till exit is presented for readers. 

If that excites you, your offer box is just below this text to be a part of this amazing book launch event.

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Why did It start?

Being a digital content consumer since mobile and laptop came to my hands, I had always been curious about what I saw, read, and understood over the internet. 

My journey as an internet user started in the year 2006 when I started using Orkut, created my first Gmail account which I still use, and built my first portfolio website using CMS.

It all happened between 2006-07. The Internet created that curiosity in me to learn everything as fast as I could but you cannot do everything overnight. 

Today also, nothing has changed. I am still into this internet space and chosen to make it my profession. 

The curiosity to learn different things from the internet is 10X times more than last decade and it has helped me understand the dynamics of this internet market. During this non-ending journey of learning from the internet, I could easily filter what things never changed and remain evergreen. Just, for example, Google is still the most loved search engine. It’s evergreen, the best, and the most powerful search engine right now. 

Started working on building online businesses post completing my engineering in 2014. Though I was a student in Electrical and Electronics engineering, My A+ grades were always seen in subjects related to computer science. 

Pre-engineering days, I was not a good decision maker [ Though I won’t say I am still perfect ] and took advice from my elders to choose my career but with time, I understood that my area of interest is the Internet.

The Interest In Internet has added a lot of learning within me and it will keep increasing and as I had learned over time that knowledge shared is knowledge gain so this is my first attempt to come up with my first self author, a self published book that is more of giving back to the society. [ I had written only one ebook before this which you can find on Amazon or on my website’s homepage.

What is “Digitaltants”?

“Digitaltants” is a word that I had framed by combining two words together. Digital and consultants. 

This book is a guide for all aspiring digital consultants to start their digital marketing journey, not like any other newcomers. This book is going to highlight the journey like a story that you will enjoy reading and at the same time, you will visualize and learn how to start and grow as a digital consultant for global businesses. 

It has loads of checklists, roadmap, do’s and don’ts, and processes to evolve without committing blunder mistakes.

For people who are well-established consultants, they too can have fun reading this story of becoming a better consultant and identify all strategies and steps that I keep in mind while being awesome digitaltant to my clientele base. 

This book will be covering a journey from the start to an exit plan. You will understand how you have to build yourself as a brand name in the field of digital consulting. Though I do admit that I haven’t reached a point where I myself has been the best brand as a digital consultant but this book is probably my last step to cross that break-even point of archiving this and I believe that since I am at the point of starting as a brand, I should push more genuine hard-working consultant into this field so that we can pull out negativity and create an industry where trust and faith are never broken by any bad practitioners or consultants. 

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Who Should Get This Book?

This book is not for everyone. If you are serious about entering the digital business or consulting journey, you are the right fit to read this book. Even if you are not willing to enter into this industry and know someone who is struggling to grow up the ladder or even willing to start, you can recommend this book to them. 

In particular, this book is best for people who

1: Wish to be a digital consultant.

2: Want to become a digital marketer.

3: Wish to be a mentor/coach in digital businesses.

4: Digital entrepreneurs and

5: Marketing students.

If you don’t fall under these categories, you can still prefer to buy this book and understand how digital businesses start and evolve. You will get an idea of the pillars and roadmap of successful consultants who scale up to large size digital businesses.

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