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Top 7 Rules Of My Life

Right now, I am hustling in my life. It’s a roller coaster. I enjoy a lot of things, at the same time I dislike many things. It’s a mixed fun that I am diving into.

With time, I had set these 7 rules of my life that are helping me to enjoy this roller coaster.

I was writing this answer on quora but I thought to skip this content to go on Quora and post it on my personal blog.

Sharing My top 7 rules of my life that I am genuinely following.

Give importance to both 9 to 5 as well as 5 to 9 life [ Time & Life Management ]

Not everyone wants to be an employee for a lifetime at the same time not everyone is capable to start to become an employer just after graduating [ There are always exceptional ] and the same goes for me. So, In my other 5 to 9 life, I involve myself in building my business by taking small baby steps EVERYDAY [ Currently working on building my 3 ventures that are into eCommerce, SAAS, and consulting ].

Post swiping my 5 to 9 to my 9 to 5 life, I would set rules for family in this new gap of 5 to 9.

The rule is: Managing time such that life is well managed.

Letting go

I wasted 3 years of my curial career period in getting a government job. Read my answer on this over quora: Why are all always behind government jobs?

I always thought I was very close to selection, one more try and I will make it but I moved on after 3 years. When I moved on, I archived a life that I wouldn’t be able to make it being a government employee.

I have made this to my mind not to hold things for long and letting things go if that doesn’t want to be a part of my life.

Read Books. [ They are your worthy mentors at a cheap cost ]

I was a blog reader. I read blogs a lot or learn from videos. Then, one day, I came to a LinkedIn Post that recommended two books. One was, “The lean startup by eric ries, and the other was zero to One by Peter Thiel. Both these authors have built big size businesses.

These books taught me what I was doing wrong in my 5 to 9 lifestyle and boosted my confidence.

I realized that you will never get an opportunity to get mentorship from legends like these authors but they share their experience via these books which are worth every word that they write. [ Don’t underestimate the power of books ]

Helping talented people.

During my journey of being both employee and employer, I saw that talented people don’t get exposure to learning the process of showcasing their talent to the right audience and their talents die out. I had added this rule to my life to promote talents at least in my field by allowing them to learn the process of showcasing that to the right people.

Investing in personal assets.

By personal assets I mean, I build my own products and service and make them valuable with time. Just, for example, I am a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses while being an employee of a company as well. I invest my earnings into my personal business for growth so that they grow to valuable assets few years down the line.

I don’t invest in luck and that’s my personal choice. [ Don’t invest in stocks, MF’s, etc ]

Taking Breaks from everything periodically.

You are reading these texts from a workaholic guy. Yes, that’s me. I don’t remember the last day when I went to bed like any other normal under 30 guys to sleep on time. I work till I enjoy working. My 5 to 9 life doesn’t stop at 9 P.M. When I get bored from my work, I write blogs. Recently I started writing my book just because I wrote so many blogs in the past 4 years that I realized if I compile all my blogs, It would be a massive 1000 page book. This encouraged me to write my first book. I would be starting its launch events by April 2021. [ Not mentioning my book name here as this answer is not written for any promotional purpose. ]

Now, doing all the above-said things, it is quite expected that I can face burnout. But, you can allow your body to maintain a work and body balance only during this age group of 20- 40. Post that, you will start decaying.

To stay energized, I had added this to my rule to take breaks every quarter from work and spend time with family. [ What you thought? I would say, to travel to places? Remember? Your parents have crossed their 40’s. They are already in a decaying lifestyle. Spend as much time as possible with them. You can visit places with them or later in your life. [ That’s my personal choice, it can vary from person to person. ]

Balance life between family and friends.

Most of us have enjoyed staying with our friends during college life. The hostel life can never be forgotten. It has build bonds with them like the roots of a tree. But, I see a lot of guys in this generation that had started giving more importance to spend time with their friends and avoiding those times to spend with their parents.

In my college days, when my friends were taking leaves to visit Vaishno Devi, I saved my leaves so that I can use them to extend my holidays and go home and spend time with my parents. My friends always used to complain about why you don’t take college leave to accompany them? My answer always had been that my home is Vaishno Devi for me and my parents are my 1st god. I only used to travel to an outstation with friends when we had short holidays in between semesters. This helped me maintaining time spent with both parents and friends.

Final Thought

These 7 Rules are helping me manage my family, friends, employment, businesses, and lifestyle collectively.

Please note that all these are my personal opinions and choice of life. I know there can be many ways to live a life but I am comfortable with what I am doing now.

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