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How Digital Marketing Halted my Lifestyle for a Better Life?

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I have been into the digital marketing industry for almost 3 years now and let me tell you, I am writing this content, fucking all SEO on-page rules, Yoast SEO readability score, and all SEO bullshit ( All marketer would know what it means ). I have been writing all SEO friendly content since I started blogging either for businesses or for my personal revenue resources. I recently made a short video on how to become a millionaire and uploaded it on youtube. That video clearly explained that every millionaire or billionaire has multiple sources of revenue and they are never dependent on one single source of income. I always wanted to be a billionaire/millionaire etc whatever term you want to coin to feel rich.

I come from a middle-class family where I don’t know whether my parents were having a good lifestyle or living or not but I always enjoyed my life when I was staying with my family. My life’s best phase was the time when my father never said “I love you” but his action always spoked louder than voice and my mother’s everyday consistency to send us school, even being a working lady in a respectful and responsible position.

Later I joined an engineering college just because everyone in my school was preparing to go to those engineer making machines or we can say engineering colleges. I wasn’t having strong knowledge of what’s the benefits of studying engineering till class 12th.

I currently feel that before you take or choose a path, you must lock down your vision. A visionary person can do unexpected activities if he has the will and ample time to archive that goal. For me, nothing is impossible but

It becomes impossible to archive something when your vision doesn’t align with your will power.

-Snehil Prakash

I didn’t know how, but I always wanted to be a businessman since childhood. I didn’t know how to archive that but as a child, in his/her childhood see dreams of becoming a pilot looking at the flying aircraft in the air, I always wanted to be a businessman.

So how all this is related to digital marketing and how digital marketing has bought turbulence in my life?

How digital marketing bought turbulence?

After engineering, I got placed in campus placement. The selection ratio was like, out of 1K students, 10 people were selected in which I was also the one. I was feeling proud of it but that was not my final goal or vision of my life. Moreover, I was also guided by my parents on taking a decision about my career, which I always believed, as I always feel that parents will always take the right decision for their kids. So, after engineering, I skipped working for any private firm and started preparing for government jobs in India.

But, the childhood dream was so intact in me since childhood, it never went away from my soul. During my engineering days also, I used to tie up with companies for campus and brand ambassador programs just to learn how and what these startups were doing to make a big billion-dollar business model.

But unfortunately, most of the startups used to fail during those late 2011. Still, I learned a lot of ways to connect and convince the masses for personal growth.

Till now, digital marketing was still not a weapon in India to scale businesses. Today I am a digital marketer because of Quora. I have no mentors and gurus who guided me. In the 2011- 2013 period, the internet was a fucking 2G speed and that too was hard to access.

I remember how i used to go to the library just to use the internet because we had poor internet speed in hostels. I feel today’s college-going guys have more opportunities to grow if they can utilize the college internet effectively. I won’t say, we didn’t had bad internet in 2011-12 but we didn’t had so much of content and resource online through which we can do wonders.

Digital marketing came into my life in 2016 December. When I was getting frustrated with the cut-throat competition of idiotic Indian government job fight.

I had an engineering degree to show that yes i can manage electrical machines and lines but the government exam said that even if you have a degree, you need to get 80 out of 100 to prove you are and engineer. If you get 79/100 then you are not an engineer. And you know what, this is bullshit.

But fuck that bullshit aside, I was still boiling my dreams to become a businessman. Now the internet speed was also improving. Platforms like Quora and youtube started pushing amazing content to read and explore and that’s how my destiny got hit with the bullseye.

I meet my mentor online.

I met a person on quora who posted a question that he has a business idea and beneath the question, it had a link to a document that said, he wants someone who can write content and he will market that content and generate revenue and divide the money 50-50. I was almost jobless preparing for government jobs, publishing some of my writeups in some anthologies that were just a bragging story of some amateur writers.

I pinged this guy on quora. Searched him everywhere online like facebook email. Then one day, he reverted me back. After the first conversation that we had, I thought he was some spammy guy, trying to fool me out. I immediately blocked all his numbers from my phone and made a decision that i am not going to let him contact me in future.

That was the day when I closed the doors of digital marketing and today is the day when I am thankful to it. But still, how digital marketing didn’t let me live my life for the last one year?

Digital marketing blocked my lifestyle

That mentor whom i meet on quora? And blocked him after the first conversation, he didn’t gave up. I don’t know why but He kept following me and tried reaching me via different numbers so that he can talk and convince me to write.

The next time when we talk, he convinced me finally to write content for him as a partner. I agreed and he taught me how to write SEO friendly content to rank them on top searches. This was new to me. I never knew before about how we can write something that could come on google’s top searches.

So I started writing content and in just one month, I could see my content was coming to some of the top searches. This motivated me. I felt this is something I can do to grow some business online. I felt as if I got the path I was always looking for.

I stopped wasting my time preparing for an outdated syllabus of government jobs and joined a private company in Gurgaon where I started learning and applying digital marketing ideas to scale any plan online.

One year cutoff from entertainment and fun

Today is 9th October. The last time when I watched a movie was “badhai ho” released on 18 October 2018. And today is the day when I watched a movie again. It was almost after a year gap since I watched a movie.

I went to my hometown in Bokaro steel city in Jharkhand in July 2018 after which I never went to my hometown taking any vacation leave. Its been almost a year taking a vacation and going home peacefully and sitting in my mother’s lap and taking rest.

I have faced a hardcore hardship during this One year.

and you know what? Yes, I hit that millionaire mark in INR currency. I did that. In the last one year, I almost met the mark of 60K dollars + mark and all thanks to my mentor, He is not my mentor actually, he is more like a friend.

I must have done something great that I found him out of luck. Below is a screenshot of the revenue we generated in the last one year from one of our online business.

Conclusion. Read this if you don’t want to read all the stories above.

So, digital marketing didn’t let me lose my focus from my vision. My vision to become businessmen was not only to do business but it was also to make money that can help me enjoy a lifestyle that I had when I was staying with my parents.

My life after college was miserable. I used to stay in a small one-room in Delhi which had no kitchen and one room was shared by three of our friends including me. I had a great time during my stay with family, in college hostels but after engineering, life was fucking hard. I wanted to remove this pain out of my life. I was sleeping on floors and just beside me, there was a small dustbin inside that single room next to our floor mattress.

My parents had no idea about how bad I was feeling about living my life on that single room floor mattress but I was feeling like killing my dreams.

Digital marketing showed me the path and I never looked back. But today, after watching a movie almost after a year gap, it helped or I would say, knocked me and told, “Hey snehil, look back, your miseries are moving out and do you see your future?” and yes, I am looking back to see that the single room with no kitchens is far away from me. Now I have a better house. Yes, I can call it my house. Even though it is rented but I feel like home as I had arranged all basic luxury that a bachelor home should have.

I don’t know whether I would have been able to afford these luxuries which I have currently if I would have been a government servant but I know I am happy. I know that I am passionate about what I am doing. And I also know, if a market leader in this industry come in front of me and tell to have a talk about our digital marketing industry, My confidence would be 200% higher than him/her while keeping eye contact.

To all digital marketers, my friends and family members who read this content till here. I would request you not to be too judgemental after reading this article. I am happy that I am able to match my vision with my will power. Many people in this world aren’t able to archive that and remain mediocre. I would request them to break protocols and live your life, the way you want it to be. After all, you will only get one chance to live this life. It is up to you, to decide, whether you want it to be the way you wanted it always or the way, which the community dragged you into.

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