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Work From Home and Make Money Online With These 5 Tips For 2020

work from home and make money online

Hello guys, we know most of us are working from home right now. People who are not into the software business, can’t even work from home. So, are you using this opportunity in a productive way?.

I know hardly a few of them would be in a mood to utilize this opportunity and considering this as a vacation. Before I explain to you the secrets to make money online while working from home, I want to make few things audible to your senses. Obviously we are moving towards an economic lockdown also.

With businesses directly getting affected worldwide, there is a huge potential of problems like recessions, loss of jobs, unemployment or whatever you term it as. This article is not for fun or some quick money making hacks. It is an opportunity for you to learn how you can stabilize your revenue stream even in this crisis.

Regardless of the business size, you are working for, everyone is at a loss-making phase and shedding of human resources will surely happen. So, let’s be more productive for ourselves during this time so that we can sustain well.

Here are your top 5 ways that I personally use to build multiple revenue resources for myself.

  1. Blogging
  2. Sell Your skills.
  3. Product Promotions
  4. Podcasting
  5. Use social media.

Disclaimer On work From Home To Add New Revenue Stream

Before I begin explaining how you can use these methods to work from home and make money or even build a new business around it in the future, I want to make this noted for you that these methods don’t gives you money overnight. You will have to utilize your quarantine days to work on any one of the above 5 ideas and work from home in a consistent way.

Connect with me if you face any challenges in archiving any one of them to build your revenue stream while working from home.

1. Blogging About What You Love

What you are reading right now is a blog. This is my personal blog where I talk about digital marketing. Marketing is my passion. I don’t do it because it’s my job. I do this because I love doing this and it helps me fulfill my dreams and goals of life. And obviously money is a big motivating fuel behind this.

So How Do You Make Money From Blogging?

While you have chosen to work from home for yourself. You can make money from blogging. How we create a blog and make money? I will reveal this now.

With blogging, you can have the following streams of revenue.

  • Collaborating with Advertising networks.
  • Join the massive industry of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Pitch your own service offerings or products to your readers.

To archive all the above goals of working from home and make money with blogging, you need to find your niche first in which

  1. You are passionate.
  2. There is a large audience base and has your passionate support.

Know what is a passionate blogger.

How to Start A blog?

how to start a blog and work from home

Starting a blog is not a challenge. It just needs a commitment and a strong willingness to carry forward the commitment.

I see a lot of people using free blogging networks like etc. It’s great that you are motivated towards writing but you are wasting your time if you also want your content to reach to right audience and readers. It’s time for you to understand how to start a blog.

You need the following things to start a blog.

  1. A good domain name.
  2. A good web hosting service to host your domain.
  3. And some free digital marketing tools.

If you get those three things and combine it with your passion, the magic will happen itself.

A complete guide on “How to create a blog” is coming soon. Meanwhile, you can directly connect me. I will guide you to create your blog. My guidance is free for my blog readers

Let’s looking into other ways now to work from home and make money hacks.

Sell Your Skills Online.

You are already selling your skills. That’s why you guys are in the job. When you are in a job, you sell your skills at the cost of the package or salary that you get from your company.

Similarly, you can sell your skills online and make money. Me as a digital marketer, I sell my skills heavily online. If you go to my homepage, you will see that I help people grow their online businesses. I offer them consultation and that makes money for me.

Now you will say, “Snehil I can’t build a website or generate massive targetted audience over my website. How can we archive a similar strength while we work from home?”

Well, you can sell your skills either by creating your own online infrastructure like me. Alternatively, you can use already established online infrastructure and marketplaces to sell your skills. How? Let me explain.

You can create your profiles on the freelancing website and prepare your skills-based profile.

Let me share with you my personal example.

I sell few skills of mine on Check them out

I was here on fiverr since 2017 but I started as employing people for my projects. Later I also started sharing my skills on this website.

Now I have some permanent clients from this website with whom I work on long term projects hence not active much. If you closely see the screenshot above, you will see that the last delivery that I made was 2 months ago. Probably around January 2020.

I am quite satisfied working on fiverr as this has helped me get some extremely high paying clients. Obviously money is my motivation to deliver my best which I am doing for my clients.

So, You too can sell any of your skills.

Promote Products Online Method For Work From Home

This is one of the most effective ways to make money while you work from home. There are many ways you can do this.

The above two methods can also be used indirectly to promote any product. In this section, I will tell you some ways of promoting products. Once you learn this, you will understand this chain of product promotion industry and find many other ways too.

In this section, I will demonstrate a process to make money from JVZOO or Warrior plus. Here is the step.

Please note that this is an affiliate marketing money-making strategy.

Product promotion Theme

This technique which I am going to explain in this section is related to Online product launch. This method helps you earn 0 to $100 in just 24 hours.

There are few platforms where saas product or any other online product is being launched. Before the launch, the product is being heavily promoted by product owners. Hence, on the date of launch, a massive amount of buyers look for product reviews before making a purchase. Here you get an opportunity to make money.

Giving an example, I participated in a product launch. Its name was Funnel base. I took the approval, created a blog on its review and boom. On the launch day, my blog was ranking at 1st position for all its related keywords like funnel base, funnel base review, funnel base demo.

The buyers read my review, saw my demo and purchased from the link I gave in the review blog. Hence, for every sale, I got an affiliate income.

How you can also do that? Follow the steps below.

Product promotion steps.

  1. Create an account on JVZoo and warrior plus
  2. Visit Muncheye and get information on all upcoming launches happening from these above-mentioned platforms.
  3. Click on the launches that are happening at least 1 week from your current date. Taking at least 1 week is important as you need to prepare product promotion content for the launch date.
  4. Once you have chosen your product that you wish to promote, apply for affiliate link approval from the product owner who would be either providing a link via jvzoo or warrior plus.
  5. Now you have two ways to create promotional content.
    • Create product demo or review videos and post them on youtube.
    • Create a review blog and rank it on search engines at the top. Ranking such a blog will be very easy as it is a new product so there will be very little competition to rank on top.
    • Running google paid ads. This is difficult for a newbie. So you can connect with me personally to learn this.

Now, if you have followed all the above 5 steps. On the launch day, you will surely hit those dollars.

For sample. You can see my blog on such launches in this article: Funnel Base Launch.

Using this technique, you can work from home and easily make money online.

product launch guide

Create Podcast Around Your Passion.

The podcast is a new way of creating content. Blog, videos and social media were already a great way to reach your audience but now, the podcast is also helping in creating and spreading value to people. But how can you make money with a podcast?

If you look at the trend of this podcast, you will find that it’s growing very fast.

You can actually monetize it while working from home itself. How? Let’s understand that.

When you create a podcast, make sure it is around your passion. Like, I love digital marketing hence I have this Digital Marketing By Snehiltalks podcast. You can listen to my podcast on Spotify.

So, utilizing this growing audience in the podcast, you can create your own podcast channel and start reaching your audience and create a fan base. Later, you can use this fan base to

  • promote a product,
  • Offer/pitch any service offerings.
  • Drive traffic to your website,
  • Do Affiliate Marketing
  • And many more selling ideas around it.

How to Create a Podcast?

Creating a podcast is very easy. You can create it in a matter of time without much efforts. Good things to know about a podcast is that,

  • You don’t need any camera or high-quality mics.
  • No hustling of video editing type software and skill as one app helps you do everything from editing to broadcasting.
  • Spreading content is also very easy. You just need a broadcasting app.

Let’s understand how this is so simple.

You will need an app which will be used to create the podcast and broadcast it to different podcast network. This app is

Download this and perform the following steps.

  1. Create your podcast channel.
  2. Give the channel a name which will be your brand name.
  3. Enter your channel description and all images where needed.
  4. Click the record button to create and record your 1st podcast.
  5. Once the recording is complete, add a background sound. Adding this improves your podcast quality hence I would always recommend you to add it.
  6. Once the voice is added, publish your podcast and add a cover photo for it. Also, write the podcast description.

This way, once you hit the publish button, the anchor will work as a broadcaster and spread your podcast channel to all big podcast radio channels like Google podcast, radiopublic, Spotify, apple podcast, etc.

Use Social Media to Make Money While You Work From Home

Social media plays the biggest role in establishing any brand. With the advent in the internet reach across the globe, the entire humanity is now active on the internet and social media. With so many people from vast geographies connect online on these platforms, utilizing this crowed to make money becomes simpler.

How to use this social media to make money while you are free in your quarantine? I will answer this here.

How to make money from LinkedIn for Free.

LinkedIn work from home

Linkedin is a professional platform. Posting funny quotes or memes is highly discouraged on such a platform. Even if that content creates visibility for you but it won’t create much monetary advantage for you.

Linkedin Organic reach is excellent if your content, as well as the connection, is great. By the greatness of connection, I mean, people in your connection are highly active LinkedIn users as well as supportive.

Once your content starts getting likes, it spreads to the connection feeds of a person who had liked your post. Hence the reach on the LinkedIn platform is fantastic. You just need to make sure that your content is lovable.

So, how to make LinkedIn profitable while you need to work from home? Follow the steps below.

  1. Identify what kind of service or product you want to promote. Like, you can be a content writer and offer that service.
  2. Add people in connection who are in positions like digital marketing managers, marketing head, chief marketing officer etc who would frequently need content writers.
  3. Now, consistently keep posting about content writing or something around your service that can reach these people.
  4. Also, try to add value in your LinkedIn post by offering tips or also you can do some free giveaway offer to get attention. Like, get 3000-word article free. This will at least help you get people who need content. Later you can charge them. Once they are impressed with your work, they can even pay you better than what you expect.

This way, you not only get clients to work with but also build relations with some of the company executives who can offer you better work and positions.

Let’s now look into some other social media platform.

How to make money from Facebook for Free.

earn from Facebook and work from home

I would again start by advising you to create a Facebook page around your passion. People have been discussing a lot that facebook’s organic reach is dead.

Well. that is true but you must also know that the Facebook group is still reachable. So, here I will be telling you, step by step method for this topic.

  1. Create a Facebook Page.
  2. Then create a Facebook group around it.
  3. Now start posting content on your Facebook page.
  4. Once you have a good number of content on your page, then join the Facebook group around your niche and start sharing your Facebook post from your page to those groups that you have joined.
  5. Since you are sharing content in your targetted group hence people will start liking your content.
  6. Those who liked your post, you can request them to click on the invite button to call the post liker to like your Facebook page.

This way, your page likes will increase and your Facebook group that you created in step 2 will also start growing.

Now you can pitch your product, service or blog in those groups or pages and make money.

This is not an overnight process again. You need patience, commitment and need to spend some time while you work from home.

How to make money from Pinterest for Free.

make money on pinterest and work from home

Well, Pinterest is the king of organic reach. If you effectively follow the steps I am mentioning below, making money from Pinterest would be easy for you.

Pinterest is more of a female audience base. Pinterest 60% audience base consists of female users. So if you create a Pinterest page around female product or service and be a consistent content producer then this place is a gold mine for you.

Let me give you an example niche to use on Pinterest. Since it is a female audience more hence you can promote images and links around the female product like cosmetics.

  1. Create a Pinterest account.
  2. Create boards based on keywords related to female cosmetics.
  3. Use canva to create beautiful infographics sharing knowledge about cosmetics.
  4. In the description, try to pitch any product.
  5. For the link section, enter your product’s affiliate link.

These 5 steps will help you reach your goal of making money from Pinterest.

For affiliate links, you can prefer applying to the amazon affiliate program. I would advise applying for an affiliate program after your Pinterest account reaches approx 5K monthly viewers.

Tip: To quickly reach high monthly viewers on Pinterest, always post content around trending topics. You can use google trends to find what’s trending in the world.

You can also make good money from Instagram, Youtube.

Also, You may be interested in this: How to grow your Youtube channel.

Final Conclusion.

Don’t waste your time enjoying your free time in self-quarantine. When you are not working, you are making losses to your company. A loss-making company won’t sustain more employees in the coming days.

We are expecting a major recession this year due to this coronavirus epidemic and we must prepare ourselves both physically and financially.

This is the right time when you can spend time learning some skills in which you can monetize yourself and save yourself from any critical situation.

Connect with me, I will be happy to teach you anything that can benefit you.

I wish you all a happy and safe stay in your self-quarantine location.

product launch guide

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