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Why You Should Overcome Your Fear of Bad Reviews

Running a business is a multifaceted investment. One must be cognizant of the business environment, cash flow system, other resources, and the customers’ attitude. Customers give their reviews about a business from time to time, and it’s no news that their opinions are varied. Some reviews reek of positivity and good appraisal, while others are […]

Shopify Plus: Is it Worth It and What You Need to Know

shopify plus

Beginning as an emerging eCommerce platform starting in 2006, Shopify is now the go-to choice for ecommerce stores of all sizes. Everything from startups to global enterprises like Uppercase magazine and Hiut Denim Co. use Shopify for their businesses. Since then, Shopify has upped the ante with Shopify Plus, an enterprise-level platform that’s designed for […]