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4 tips to protect your Data privacy on mobile

You can not and will not deny anything if I ask you that you search for everything without thinking a bit, on your mobile phone. Well, it is not that safe. You must be thinking that how a mobile phone can steal data? 

The answer is it is not your mobile phone that has an eye on your data, it is the applications that you use on your mobile phone. And some of them you might not even use. Well, to be more specific also there is a chance that it could be leaking your data privacy to the world wide web. 

Woah! Now you are more attentive. 

Using a lot of applications may lead to a greater threat. It is also possible that an application that you use daily and mostly rely on can breach your data privacy. Safe-guarding your mobile applications should be your first priority when you use your mobile phone. 

Let’s talk about some facts relating to the threats that could reach your mobile’s data.

  • There are a total of 18.6 billion records reported on the data breaches. Within the 6 months of 2021, it is observed that 1767 cases of a data breach are reported. Well, that is horrifying. 
  • According to financial records, there are 38 million people were exposed to the Automatic Funds Transfer Systems attack. The number is pretty huge and the attack too.  
  • Not to mention there was a major data leak in brazil and 220 million people were affected by this. Their automobile registration numbers, personal tax identification numbers, full names, headshots, and much more were revealed.
  • Now let us discuss the average cost of a data breach. It is estimated that in 17 years the rise of data breach costs has reached from 3.86 million to 4.24 million US Dollars. 

It is not like mobile developers do this on purpose. They are trying to provide you the data privacy but as a user, you can take proper care of your mobile and protect your privacy at the highest level. 

So let’s guard our mobiles with our shields and gang up against the threats. Well, there are some basic things if you take care of properly you can be saved from many threats. 

protect data

Here are some tips to release threats. 

Choose your apps precisely 

Well, the first step of keeping your mobile from the threats is to choose your applications smartly. Well for some of us downloading application is like a hobby. It is advisable that you be more selective while choosing an application to download. 

If any application looks suspicious to you just uninstall it. Also before you download any application do your homework about its developers. But what will you check in them? So here is the checklist for you. 

  • Enough reviews or stars 
  • Is it a reputed company or not?
  • Do they have been a business for so long 
  • Any major complaints in past?

Well if you take care of these things then my friend, you will never be attacked by any threat. 

Public Wifi

Well, we all like to use public wifi, but not all the public WiFis are safe. There are numerous attackers over the public WiFi, here you connect to the WiFi and there they get your data easily. 

Let me give you an example of that.

If you wish to buy something from any apparel platform online, well of course they have your card details. With WiFi, if you try to buy something the attackers will directly get your data. Okay! So this is not a good idea at all. 

Update your applications regularly

Updating your applications on regular basis will keep you from the bugs. Because when applications are made they might leave some bugs, which can be later updated or removed in the new version of that particular application.

So if you update your application regularly, it will harm your personal data a little less. So it is also advisable that you periodically update all of your applications. Yes, even if you trust them a lot. 

Trust only reliable app stores

Well, I am sure that you will be downloading some applications from stores that are not reliable. Let’s say for instance 9Apps. You can not trust this kind of 3rd party application that serves other application needs. 

Sometimes you also download some modded applications. I say don’t do that to yourself. Because it is really really very harmful to your private data. 


These 4 things are on top when it comes to maintaining your data privacy. Although these are the not only things that you should care about. There are several things like app permissions, Passwords, and automatic sign-in. But they all are basic and I know that you are already taking care of them. So why destroy data privacy with your own hands when you can take care of it with your own hands. 

Some easy steps of being selective during you download the application can really provide you good data privacy and that too at ease. Otherwise, the attackers require only a single loophole.

Author Bio:

Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a NFT Marketplace development company in UK that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring the latest technology trends, entrepreneur, and startup column. She also writes for top software development companies.

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