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How to be a Passionate Blogger? [Good Qualities]

how to be a passionate bloggers

Blogging is not a work. Blogging is a passion. It is not done for the purpose to make money online rather it is done to share feelings and knowledge. The world has completely destroyed the notion behind blogging. Passionate blogger is now considered out of this world.

Blogging was done in the early days with the feeling to share in a digital format and let other people read what’s in their mind. Later it started getting monetize.

Obviously nobody does anything for free. Time has its own value but degrading the core essence of anything is a bad practice.

What is Real blogging or a passionate blogger?

passionate blogger

Hey lovely reader, are you still reading my blog till this line? If so, I love you. This is what is blogging. Something which I write out of the experience is being shared with the right audience who is also willing to read you.

Blogging means you share knowledge or feeling with somebody in order to give them value for what they are looking for. To identify if your lovely reader is really engaging with you or not, you can simply see if they are engaging with your content or not.

How to find if your reader is engaging with you or not? I will tell that later in this section.

So the question is, who is a passionate blogger? Well, the answer is, nobody is a perfect passionate blogger in this world. Somebody who is trying so many words on a blog, he or she is doing so, just to inform you that “I am pouring out my heart to tell you that there is something that is existing in this world that Mr/Mrs/miss etc reader, you need to know”. These people care so they share. Hence they are passionate.

You guys know, there is an expression on my face right now when I am typing this line. That expression is trying to deliver things out with a force with which I am hitting my keyboard while being high on romantic music in my headphones. So, am I a passionate blogger?

If I regularly talking the valuable thing and making a difference in your life with my blogging on a regular basis then yes I am a passionate blogger. If your content brings good change to someone’s life and you are making the world happy with your content, I would say, you are passionate about blogging.

How to find if your blog is engaging or not?

At the very beginning of the blog, I told you about what is a passionate blogger. You guys know if you are a passionate blogger, you will write more and won’t see the analytics much. I know you won’t believe this but that’s because you are still not passionate about blogging.

If you are blogging, keep giving value out of the experience. Don’t worry about likes, dislikes share traffic etc. That would come eventually if you are really writing out of your heart.

Still, if you want to find the engagement rate of your blog, you can check with the following practices.

  1. Link google analytics with your blog to see how many people are visiting your blog.
  2. See what is the bounce rate of your blog. If the bounce rate is very high then it means people are not loving your content.
  3. See how your content is being shared on social media. You can use tools like buzz sumo to see how your blog is shared on social media.
  4. Check if users are engaging in your blog comments or not. That’s also a rich source to directly interact with your readers.
  5. You can also see your blog backlink data, If you are getting backlinks via mentions on other websites then it means that your blogs are really giving value to other people.

But again I would like to add to this that if you are a passionate blogger, you will be focusing more on content that’s important for people rather than strategizing about reaching out to readers to read. Forcefully approaching people to read is also a bad blogger practice.

Top 5 traits of a passionate blogger.

passionate blogger qualities.

If you want to identify a passionate blogger then you will find these 10 behaviours in them.

  1. They will be blogging something every day. Passionate blogger loves writing a lot. They never wait for any content idea. These people are rich in content ideas in their niche. They just need a laptop, working hands and a piece of music over their headphones and then see how their fingers swing over their keywords.
  2. These passionate bloggers have SEO on their 2nd priority. They are a writer first and content marketer in 2nd place. People generally blog by deciding a keyword and then try to fuck their entire content around their keyword but a lovely passionate blogger will first believe in pouring out their heart for their readers and later think about optimizing it for the search engine to understand the content. The passionate blogger writes for human first and bots later.
  3. Passionate bloggers are motivator pills. These guys are always high on motivating people around them to bring change in their life. Having a vision in life and showing the ability to bring change in their life or society around them is what attracts a passionate blogger to deliver to people around them.
  4. They see content in every new thing. Passionate bloggers are die-hard writers. If you ask them to write on anything, they will start the fire button of their figures and kill all the resources to prepare the best draft. You will always find them preparing short notes and bullet points in their notepad or mobile notes.
  5. Passionate Bloggers are very creative people. These people have a hell lot of creative plans to deliver any task. They see the problems in different angles and always try thinking out of the box. You simply have to ask for a solution and they have content for that as well to solve problems.

If you have a blogger around you, just see if they have something like this in them. You will get an answer to how does a passionate blogger exist in this world.

How to start as a blogger?

Starting a blog is not rocket science. You just need to have some of the following things.

  1. A good domain name. I had explained how to choose domain name.
  2. A web hosting service. I had already explained how to chose the best web hosting service. I personally use WPoven for managed WordPress VPS hosting.
  3. Basic knowledge of how to build a blog with WordPress.

A passionate blogger needs nothing more than above 3 things.

If you are not confident about starting a blog, you can directly contact me to learn how to start a blog.


In the end, I would only say that don’t run after being a blogger just to earn money. Make sure that you are there to give value to people. The money will automatically follow you.

You just have to use a laptop, some precious time, a good topic, some coffee and a piece of good music to start blogging the best draft.

Wish you good luck with blogging.

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