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Digital Marketing Case Study Of Jiomart On Launch Day.

Jiomart case study digital marketing

Jiomart Launched finally almost after 1+ year since its announcement of reliance industries entering the eCommerce. With reliance coming up with a completely new plan of local deliveries integrating Whatsapp and many new ideas, Finally, we as digital marketers are going to witness the incoming of a new ecom growing from scratch. So, I am here with a digital marketing case study of jiomart on its launch day.

Jiomart is one of the most ambitious projects of reliance industry that is speculated to overtake the Indian eCommerce market.

For digital marketers, it is a great opportunity for you all to learn a lot from this project. This project has been started from scratch. Every digital marketer knows what is domain and page authority. A small metric that I am adding in this article introduction.

Website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc has domain authority like 92 and 91 respectively out of 100.

These websites are authoritative websites. By authoritative, it means they are a popular and trusted website. There are many other factors that decide the authority of any website.

Why I am introducing this number in the intro is because jiomart has started from a DA [Domain authority] value of 2/100. So it is going to be an exciting journey for every digital marketer to see how big companies integrate the growth hack in a few months.

Postulating a massive growth hack for Jiomart is highly expected hence I am writing a digital marketing case study of Jiomart on its launch day and I would keep updating this content as we monitor the digital growth of this business every month.

So ready for this growth hack and digital marketing case study on day one? Let’s begin.

Parameters to Study For Digital Marketing Case Study of Jiomart.

When we get a chance to study the digital marketing strategy of any business, we need to consider all the digital marketing avenue of that business.

When it concerns the digital marketing case study of Jiomart, I am going to consider the following points on Jiomart launch day.

  1. SEO Case Study of Jiomart.
  2. Social Media Case Study of Jiomart.
  3. SEM case study of Jiomart
  4. Email Marketing case study of Jiomart.
  5. UI/UX study of Jiomart.

These 5 parameters have sub-parameters which I will be studying in detail in this digital marketing case study of jiomart. Don’t give up here as there are a lot of interesting facts coming up in this article.

Let us first study the SEO case study of Jiomart on launch day.

jiomart launch day key points infographics

SEO Case Study of Jiomart on Launch Day.

If you are an SEO expert, you already know that SEO helps in getting any business on top search results of a search engine ranking. Like, if we search for “Amul Butter 500 gm” on google since this product is available on Jiomart right now, so it should come on top results when searched in India.

Even jiomart doesn’t come on the 1st position right now if you search directly for Jiomart on Google. For me, it comes on the 93rd position.

jiomart ranking on keyword. digital marketing case study of Jiomart

But it won’t come on 1st position as the website is newly launched and it doesn’t have that trust score in the eyes of the search algorithm. Well, this is not expected by big companies like reliance to appear lost on 1st position at least on launch day.

Jiomart won’t even appears in top 100 for this particular search results meanwhile websites like amazon and indiamart are ranking on top.

digital marketing case study of Jiomart with jiomart ranking.

So we need to first study the following parameters of SEO for jiomart on its launch day.

  1. Its domain authority Score.
  2. Domain age.
  3. Alexa Ranking.
  4. Few on-page factors like
    • Permalinks.
    • Title tags,
    • Meta descriptions.
    • Image alt texts.
    • Keywords on pages.
  5. Website Speed of loading.
  6. Website backlink profile [ From where it has started. ]

There are lot many points to study in SEO but these are some prior once. So let’s take it one by one.

Jiomart Domain authority on launch day.

Since jiomart has been started from scratch hence I checked with the domain authority of the website using two tools.

  1. Moz
  2. Semrush

Domain authority according to Moz comes out to be 2/100. This is a very small value which generally every new fresh domain has.

When I checked semrush for its authority score, I found that to be 26/100 meanwhile the DS [Domain score] and TS [ trust score] is zero.

This could be due to the domain age. Let us understand some parameters about the domain name that is

Domain age and domain parameter study of jiomart

In this study, you will learn,

  1. When was this domain registered/purchased?
  2. How does this domain look before launch?
  3. Whois details of the domain name.

So, domains also have an age. The age of the domain is defined by the date starting from the day it was purchased, till the present. Old aged domains have very high demand as they are considered to be more authoritative by the SEO world. They are sometimes also called expired domains if they are not renewed post purchased. A business called as domain flipping is very famous around this same factor.

When was this domain registered/purchased?

As per the Web archive data, it shows that the domain was purchased in the year 2016 and since then it was renewed till today. So the age of the domain is approximately 4 years old.

jiomart domain purchased date. A part of digital marketing case study of Jiomart

According to the Wayback machine, jiomart official birthday is the 10th of July, 2016. It is an approx day when jiomart was first seen on the internet.

How does this domain look before launch?

The domain looked completely blank during these 4 years and always showed the message of ‘under construction’

digital marketing case study of Jiomart

Whois Details of The domain.

I checked the whois details of the domain and found the following data.

  1. It is registered with GoDaddy.
  2. Creation Date: 2012-06-13T12:19:53Z
  3. The domain has been purchased up to 2021 for now. Then it will require renewal.

These were some domain stats of Jiomart. It is now recorded in this blog for future reference. We will keep studying the website changes in UI/UX with the Wayback machine screenshots in the future.

Alexa Ranking.

Alexa ranking is considered to be the most popular ranking of any website. Its rank is a measure of website popularity. Alexa ranks millions of websites in order of popularity, with an Alexa Rank of 1 being the most popular. Alexa Rank reveals how a website is doing relative to all other sites, which makes it a great KPI for benchmarking and competitive analysis.

According to Alexa ranking, if we talk about the top eCommerce businesses running in India, we have the following ranks of the top ecom in India.

  1. Amazon- 71 international rank and In India, it ranks on 5th.
  2. Flipkart – 175 international rank and In India, it ranks on 15th.
  3. Paytm – 1214 international rank and In India, it ranks at 121st.
  4. Myntra – 1415 international rank and In India, it ranks at 143rd.

Just taking the above 4 examples and then we shall compare these ranks with jiomart. This will help us understand the journey that jiomart will have to complete to reach to the top position in the market.

If we check the rank of jiomart on this launch day. its international rank is 887,455 and Indian rank in e-commerce niche is 71,340.

So, it is very easy to understand that it will require massive marketing efforts in Content for Jiomart to become a leader.

A good thing to know is, as a digital marketer, we will get an opportunity to see how big companies have the power to grow these numbers to a top position. It’s going to be fun for marketers to see different growth hacks as reliance is a big company that can invest heavily in its growth hacking mechanism.

Few on-page factors of Jiomart on launch Day.

On-page SEO for any website is important as the search engine algorithms are not biassed towards any business. So even if you are the owner of Amazon, you need to make sure that your website keeps ranking on top searches on a regular basis.

I would be reading some of the On-page SEO rules of the jiomart with semrush site audit and see what SEO masterminds are planning to target on search engines in the coming months.

Site Meta Data of Jiomart.

The metadata is the first data that any search crawlers read when interacting with a website for the first time. So, we need to set the metadata like.

  1. Site Title.
  2. Site meta description.
  3. Data structure.
  4. Site Meta Keywords.

for making it easier for crawler to understand what content we have over the website.

Let’s check it for jiomart, what they are trying to convey the search engines on launch day.

Site Title: Buy Grocery Online | Daily Needs Supermarket – Jiomart

  • So, jiomart has started its store with a vision of targeting people to buy groceries online.
  • They also wish to create an online supermarket.

Meta Keywords: Online Grocery, Fruits & Vegetables, Staples, Dairy, Packages Foods, Home care, Personal Care

  • So, the keywords are all related to grocery.
  • May be due to current pandemic, they are only focusing to things that could be sold or delivered.

Meta Description: Jiomart – Choose and Buy Online Grocery from a wide range of fruits, vegetables, baby care products, personal care products, and much more. Shop Now !

  • With meta description also, we find the same story as above.

So Jiomart has started with a vision of an online grocery store. This may be due to the current lockdown in India. Probably we may see this growing in multiniche like amazon, Flipkart.

Google Data Structure tool results

Using this tool for jiomart, I got to learn something that is again a magnificent shift that JIO is doing in SEO.

I found that Jiomart has completely redirected its with a Permanent 301 redirect to

This is the biggest proof of how ambitious project it is for Mr. Ambami.

But such hard redirection of 301 is not new with JIO business. Earlier On March 23, 2018, Reliance Industries Ltd acquired a majority stake in Saavn. We already saw how reliance industries purchased saavn app and changed its entire online presence and domain to jiosaavn in a matter of clicks.

So, in coming days,

All the link juice and authority of will be transferred to Share on X

This is the first growth hack in SEO that I can observe as reliancesmart is already a very authority website. Such website with a permanent redirect of 301 to jiomart will boost its visibility within a month on search engines.

This blog update in next 30 days in going to see some peak growth graphs.

Let’s study further.

Other On page factors for On page SEO optimization.

On-page SEO optimization is very important for any website as we already discussed. If we check how myntra is optimizing its homepage. We will find that it is trying to rank its website for keyword ‘Online Shopping’ as this keyword is present in all relevant locations of the website.

Similarly, let’s check what Jiomart’s homepage is being optimized for on jiomart launch day.

For almost all eCommerce accept amazon, all of them have a footer section, where they write a block of content that is optimized around a focus keyword. Like

  • Myntra is optimized for ‘Online shopping keyword.
  • Paytm is optimized for ‘Online recharge and bill payment keywords’
  • Flipkart optimization seems to be mixed around the online store.

But when we talk about Jiomart, on the launch day, I didn’t find any proper optimization of the homepage around any specific keyword or idea.

So, I personally feel, on the launch day, SEO is definitively not their priority.

Let’s understand some other SEO audit parameters also.

Website Speed of loading.

The loading time of any eCommerce website matters a lot. Not only for eCommerce but a lot of online businesses.

How One Second Could Cost Amazon $1.6 Billion In Sales

Read here to know how the site loading speed affects amazon.

Let’s check and compare jiomart with some market leaders in the speed of loading website.

Jiomart website speed test

I just tested the loading time of four eCommerce website and compared the loading time of jiomart with the rest.

Since jiomart is a very new website with fewer products as compared to the rest of the big ecom, having a fast loading of jiomart is obvious.

So, jiomart has given it a good start in terms of site loading Speed.

In future blog updates, we will see how has the loading time of the jiomart website affected with time. This updation of growth of the jiomart report is going to be interesting.

Let us move on to the next step. The king’s method of SEO. Yes, we are going to study the backlink of JIOMART.

Website backlink profile of Jiomart.

We all know by now that this is a new website with only 2 DA as per moz. So, having a low backlink profile is very obvious.

Just for creating a memory for the future to look back, I am sharing the screenshot below of all the referring domains that are talking about jiomart right now.

I have used SEMRush backlink analytics tool to find the jiomart backlink profile on launch day. So here it is.

jiomart backlinks

So, on the launch day, we are able to see that semrush shows only 4 websites have talked about the domain jiomart .com

This will definitely increase as we already read earlier that this website has started with a permanent redirect link transfer from reliancesmart website.

In the coming future, with jiomart being such a big and ambitious project of reliance industries, will surely see millions of backlinks pointing to this website.

And yes, 10 years down the line, when I will lock back again to this blog, I would cherish the moment that I am living right now in this lockdown.

So, that was a bit of an SEO case study for the digital marketing case study of jiomart.

Let’s take this journey of case study further and study more about how jio is planning to utilize the Social media. All the social media case study of jiomart will right now focus only on launch day. With time, I will keep on updating this blog with a growth study.

Social Media Case Study of Jiomart.

Social media has a very important role. It helps businesses stay in touch with their customers even when they don’t want to be their customers.

In this social media case study, we are going to check what plans jiomart has got to expand its business over social media.

Most of the time, business social media links are available on the business website.

Jiomart social media is currently running on a redirection from reliancesmart business of Reliance industry but still lets have a check on what has been done delicately by Jiomart social media team.

I went to their homepage and to my notice, I find no social media links on their website anywhere. As if any immature guy has built this website.

So, I went directly to search for their pages on Facebook, Instagram, and found some unverified pages on the name of jiomart. Those pages don’t look like the official page of the business.

So, this section of the social media case study for jiomart on launch day is a complete failure and this was never expected from big giants like reliance company.

As far as news is concerned, livemint reported that the users can place an order via WhatsApp and get product delivered.

So the official whatsapp number of jiomart to place order is 8850008000. By just sending a ‘Hi’ the user will be directed to enter the Pincode and then go on to order through a link that is valid for a limited period of time. May be the jiomart is using some WhatsApp blast and automation software for serving their customer.

Apart from this, I didn’t find any footprints of social media growth strategy of jiomart on launch day.

Jiomart Social Media is running on Redirection.

When we studied the google data structure tool data for Jio mart, I found that Jiomart has started its social media points on reliancesmart social pages. Have a look at the screenshot below.

jiomart data structure tool from google

So from this data I found that the following social media are being used as jiomart social media. If you go to these social media channels mention above and find the website details, they have mentioned as website but that redirects to jiomart website.

So it is expected tha jiomart may use these social media channel itself to promote jiomart.

Links to social redirected social media.


Just to confirm redirection, I am sharing screenshoots from how looked one month back before getting redirected permanently to jiomart.

How does jiomart looked in early days

So it is clear that this website was live with a different purpose but now it will transfer all its SEO Link juice to jiomart.

Social Media Remarketing for Jiomart.

This section is also going to be bad news for social media expert as I see no remarketing interest of Jiomart on launch day.

  1. I didn’t see any facebook remarketing pixels installed on their website.
  2. No Google remarketing tags or analytics tag was found on their website.
  3. No Linkedin or Quora remarketing plans.

The entire social media case study remained null and void for jiomart on the lauch day.

Probably the Reliance industry will be hiring a lot of digital experts in the coming future to improve their business visibility online.

Looking at null condition of jiomart with social media on lauch day, it would be better to switch to next digital marketing case study of jiomart.

SEM case study of Jiomart

In the social media case study of jiomart, we already understood that the business is not running any paid ads on the launch day. So, similar is the expected condition in search engine paid marketing as well.

On the launch day, we didn’t sense any hint of a paid marketing campaign run by jiomart.

This is very pinching to my marketing heart within. We had a pleasure to watch a lot of products and business launches so far but never seen such a dead launch ever in my life.

There has been no paid marketing done by jiomart on launch day. They simply did the PR activity to announce their launch and ended the launch.

So this section of the digital marketing case study of jiomart will also see content updates post one-month completion of the business.

Email Marketing case study of Jiomart.

Email marketing is one of the good sources of generating traffic as well as promoting products in potential customers’ inboxes.

Talking about the email marketing strategy of Jiomart on launch day, I found a popup coming over the website.

But that popup was not to collect email leads. That was to define the location of customers in order to show the available products nearby them to be available for delivery.

So, jiomart is only collecting email addresses at the checkout process and confirm the order with the phone number OTP without which the orders can’t be placed.

jiomart checkout page on launch day. A part of digital marketing case study of Jiomart

So, in terms of email marketing, since it is a new business plus we have lockdown restriction in India so the business is not doing any extensive email promotions in the inbox.

In the end, all the marketing efforts are spent on the landing pages or we can call, the website. If your website is not convertible, all the marketing efforts fail.

Let us understand how the Jiomart team has made the website looks customers friendly. Let’s understand the UI/UX of jiomart on the launch day.

UI/UX Study Of Jiomart On The Launch Day

UI/UX is the final call of any marketing strategy. So I am adding this as well in this digital marketing case study of jiomart on launch day.

Any branding and marketing that we do, develop a customer or conversions. It happens only when our landing pages are customer friendly.

In this section, we will try to understand how customer-friendly was Jiomart on the launch day.

My observation of UI/UX and designs of Jiomart on launch day.

  1. Logo sucks.
  2. Headers and Footers lack data.
  3. No Signup direct call on button for new customers.
  4. Good multi-step checkout process.
  5. Unresponsive design.
  6. Too many blank spaces on product pages.
  7. Options to share products on social media.

Let us discuss these landing page and design observation.

  • Obviously the logo is absent in the website header. They have simply added jiomart word as if its a WordPress website with a title of the homepage as default logo.
Jiomart logo
Jiomart logo
  • The footer area has blank spaces. Maybe they will add the app download and social media icons over there in the future.
jiomart footer on launch day
  • The header lacks good pop-downs.
jiomart header on launch day.

The popdown headers could have promotional product which can potentially get more orders from customers.

  • There is no good dedicated button for new customers to signup.
Jiomart popdown header lacks conversion creativity.
  • The mobile view of the website is unresponsive. The header element collapse over each other. The logo also vanishes in the mobile view.
jiomart mobile website design
  • I also saw too many blank spaces in the product pages which could be utilized for promotional or informational purpose.
jiomart product page
  • But they have given social media share button below the add to cart which is good option to improve social visibility.

These were some of my personal observations of good and bad points about UI/UX of the jiomart website on launch day.

My opinion on Jiomart launch and its digital marketing footprints

I hope you got good insight from my digital marketing case study of jiomart on launch day. We all know that one month ago, Facebook invests $5.7B in India’s Reliance Jio Platforms. The jiomart will be sourcing a major share of orders via Whatsapp and getting a new ecom concept of local business.

So, it is quite expected that jio and WhatsApp have to relate somewhere with Mark Zuckerberg.

My only doubt is why such poor launch when big businesses like Reliance and Facebook have collaborated?

The digital setup of JIOmart seems extremely miserable and we are expecting to see this business rising exponentially.

Till then we can only wait and keep observing the growth hacking Live game from the talented reliance industries.

In this study, we have seen a lot of negetive points in terms of a digital marketing case study but we all know that eveyone is lockdown. This Jiomart has started operations with least action in marketing and development. Their vision behind starting this project has a reason of getting the support to locked people as soon as possible and JIOMART is capable enough to reach to needy once right now by taking orders and fulfilling the same.

Evne though it is failing on digital prospect by it is 100 sucessuful launch in terms of helping the lockdown.

Here is a very beautiful video from reliance foundation on how they are making this help action reach the right people.

I feel proud for all people taking initiative in this reliance foundation help and support service to nation India.

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