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Five Tools that Writers Need Today

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Being a writer is not easy. You have to research a lot, think a lot, and write using the correct information. Keeping in mind the reader’s level of understanding and writing purposeful content is not a piece of cake.

Writers didn’t have resources that they could benefit from a decade ago. They used to rely on manual writing techniques to make their write-ups sound interesting and free from potential mistakes. However, things are changed now.

Thanks to a bunch of useful tools that help make writing a smooth experience. It could not have been an interesting journey to become a good writer without such productive writing tools. If you are on your way to becoming a pro writer, you should not overlook the undeniable significance of these tools.

Let’s take a look at the five prominent online tools that can make your life easier than ever!

Online Word Counter

A writer needs to write while staying within limits. You are not supposed to write dozens of pages without understanding the importance of your write-up. No matter what is your purpose of writing, it’s essential to track the word count.

A reliable online word counter helps you keep track of the number of words you have written on a specific topic. Students who need to write assignments should observe the prescribed word count while working on their homework tasks. Although it is permissible to go above the given limit up to some extent, you should prefer keeping your work within already recommended word limits.

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Word counter provides you quick solution to count the total number of words. You just have to copy the text and paste it into the designated area. Alternatively, you can also type in the selected area and know the word count in real-time. 

One of the significant things that make word counter a great tool for writers is its simple interface and optimum usability.

Even a novice can use the word counter without facing difficulties. It doesn’t just let you know about the total number of words in your text but also informs about characters without spaces, sentences, characters, and pages.

Character Counter

A character counter is another wonderful tool that makes a writer’s life easier. Being a digital marketer, you will often need to observe specific character limits while posting advertising copies on social media. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest of the flaming social medial channels allow a specific number of characters for each post. If you write above that limit, you might not be able to publish your stuff through such platforms.

Likewise, digital marketers have to adjust key phrases in the minimum character limit when they need to run online advertising campaigns. A character counter makes sure you never go off track.

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No matter how far you go as a writer, keeping a check on your grammar and style is always inescapable. You have to make sure that whatever you write doesn’t contain spelling or grammar mistakes. If you publish your stuff without making the required corrections, you are likely to face embarrassment.

Grammarly is one of the most critical tools that every writer needs at some point in life. It lets you observe different types of mistakes in your text. Not just that, but it also makes recommendations to correct those errors.

All you have to do is just test your document in Grammarly and correct highlighted errors. You can make your work flawless in a few clicks. It has never been that easier before. The free version lets you correct typos and basic errors. You can buy their paid subscription if you want an in-depth analysis of your writing work.

Aside from improving the readability of your text, Grammarly also checks your content for plagiarism. If any of the sentences are found plagiarized, the tool will cite the website from where it has been copied. You can rewrite that part of your copy to make it perfectly unique. 


No writer is perfect in this world. We are all continuously learning. Thesaurus is a wonderful online tool for those who want to learn more about new things they come to know about. You can see synonyms of words that you do not want to use in your write-up.

If you are looking to grow your vocabulary and become a pro writer, then Thesaurus can help in manifold ways. You can visit the ‘Learn’ section to explore new learning opportunities. By clicking the link, you will see a dropdown containing new words, word lists, trending words, and more.

Another section of the website is called ‘Word of the Day. It shows a new word every day. If you get into the habit of memorizing and learning a new word regularly, this can help you boost your vocabulary. In short, Thesaurus is no less than a wonderful destination for writers.

Otter AI

Converting podcasts or audio files into readable content could be a tiresome job because it requires a lot of time and effort. Thanks to Otter Ai. This is a wonderful tool that converts audio files into readable information in a fraction of the time.

You just have to upload the audio file and process it once it is fully uploaded. The tool will present a readable piece of information in a few seconds. If you have to convert audio into text, then Otter AI is second to none.

People who are in the transcribing business can find this tool perfectly in line with their requirements. You should not expect the output to be 100% correct, though. There could be things that you may need to correct by using the edit feature. 

These are some of the tools that can make a writer’s life easy and straightforward. Continuing with your writing tasks without such productive tools could be a nightmare because things can become difficult at times.

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