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How to Choose Domain Name for business?

choose domain name for website

Choose domain name that fits your business or personal requirement. A domain name is the brand ambassador of the entity. But there are many challenges in choosing a domain name. Did you know that?

Don’t worry, as you go till the end of this blog, I will make it very clear on how to choose domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name according to Wikipedia is ” a label that identifies a network domain: a distinct group of computers under a central administration or authority. Within the Internet, domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System. Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name ”

Points to keep in mind while you purchase a domain name

When you choose domain name, you must have the following points in your mind.

  • The domain name should be short as it is SEO friendly
  • If possible, have a keyword with high volume in your domain name.
  • Always prefer having a domain name with .com TLD. It is helpful in ranking worldwide.
  • If you want to target a specific country only then try getting a TLD of that place. For example, if your business target is India then .in domain will rank well.
  • Check the Google spam score for the domain name before making a purchase. You can check it on websites like talosintelligense
  • Choose domain name that will be easy to remember by your audience.
  • Never try having any special characters in your domain name. Even though there is no such hard and fast rule but still it is SEO friendly.
  • Prefer not to have a stop word in your domain name. To know about stop word, check Yoast Seo Tool stop word verdicts.
  • Never buy a domain name that can lead to copyright issues. You can check bitlaw to read more about domain name disputes.
  • Always prefer to choose a domain that resembles your product or niche.

These are some of the most important factors that decide your purchase if you have to choose domain name. Always keep these factors in your pocket before registering a domain name.

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