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Learning Digital Marketing: Choose Self Study Or Mentorship?

learning digital marketing

A lot of beginners’ learning digital marketing process comes down to this question. Before you read this entire blog, I have the answer in this first paragraph itself.

If you have an ample amount of time, go for self-learning but if you want to save time, follow mentorship.

When I talk about myself. I did both. I started with self learning and realized that mentorship helps me in shorting my time of learning. Earlier I was not investing in mentorship and tried earning the money for mentorship. Later, I started investing my money earned from self learning into mentorship.

So what to choose? Still confused? Let’s identify this in depth.

Why Choose Self Learning for Digital Marketing Learning

If you want to do things yourself, grow independently, and create your own skill by being a self made person, you should choose this path.

Pros of self-learning digital marketing:

  • When you learn things yourself, your Pro level is the best compared to anyone in the market because you do it yourself.
  • You do mistakes a lot of time so you learn things which you can’t forget because it’s very difficult to forget the mistakes that you do in life.
  • You can keep the pace of learning the way you want.
  • Your learning as well as the execution process can go side by side.
  • While you are self-learning, you create your own learning curves that you can consume.

Cons of Self Learning Digital Marketing

  • Your learning process will be slower
  • It will take time for you to identify the winning path.
  • You will start with many failures which can demotivate you.
  • You will lose money while practicing digital marketing.

Why Choose Mentorship for Digital Marketing Learning?

This is the most advantageous path of learning digital marketing or any skill that you wish to learn and earn. It also has some cons so let’s discuss them here.

Pros of Learning digital marketing From Mentors

  • You will learn the best winning path in less time.
  • Your time to success will be less.
  • Earning from this skill will become much easier.
  • The secret to following the right strategies will be in your pocket.
  • You will feel more confident.
  • Will get access to the best tools and network to grow.

Cons of Learning From Mentors

  • You will not expand your thought process. Will be restricted to what mentors teach.
  • Your skill learning cost will increase.

What do I think?

Don’t start with a mentor if you don’t have money to join elite courses. Also, don’t join courses just because everyone is joining.

Start with exploring, understand the learning curve yourself. Build the foundation yourself and then go to a mentor.

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