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Why Digital Marketers do jobs instead of being Entrepreneurs?

Understand Why Digital Marketers do jobs instead of being Entrepreneurs

Hey Passionate Digital marketers. I know you are into digital marketing or trying to enter into this arena. I call it as arena because even though this field has a huge potential, still it is equally challenging.

Yes, personally I also call myself as a lazy but passionate digital marketer. I call myself lazy because I do a lot of things but incomplete. At the beginning of this content itself, I had given you the first reason for, “why Digital marketers do a job, skipping entrepreneurship?” Lol. Ok, let’s see the real reasons in this blog.

If you are a passionate digital marketer, I know you must be knowing ample ways to make money online. Funding yourself won’t be a big challenge. Your bank accounts must never be going low even during the month-end.

If this is not happening with you then you need a checkup with your skills.

Common Questions any Passionate Digital Marketers doing job gets?

We are passionate digital marketers. Above in this article, I already told that we know many ways to keep our bank looks evergreen.

We also know how to grow any business online. If you tell us that you want to grow your small snacks cart business on the roadside, we can also scaleup and increase sales for that business.

Same thing, people around who are in touch with you, start realizing that you got such potential. These people are generally your colleague or your friends. They start asking you question like.

  1. Why don’t you start your own business?
  2. Hey, dude, you can make a business website, build traffic and make your own company. Why doing a job?
  3. Why you do the job if you already have a website or app running successfully?
  4. You have so much knowledge and skills which is making money for you. Why are you doing a job?

Such questions have a huge list. Sometimes we as a digital marketer doing the job feels proud and sometimes take it as taunting.

Whatever it is, if you have a friend, relative or colleague working in a 9-5 job as a digital marketer and you got such questions unanswered then I am going to answer all such questions today in this blog.

Why All Digital Marketers are not Entrepreneurs?

Here is a complete answer to this million-dollar question. I call it a million-dollar question because we are talking about people who makes that money for someone else or partly makes it personally.

Here is a list of top 6 reasons which show you a digital marketer into 9-5 jobs.

  1. Personal Choice.
  2. Building blocks to first set up their multi revenue sources.
  3. Discovering Multi niche to identify the rewarding sectors.
  4. Searching the right cofounder.
  5. Working on too many ideas at a time.
  6. Worried about switching to entrepreneurship.

Before giving a proper explanation to all of them, I would first like to tell you that I belong to point number 2, 3, 4 and 5.

I was a newbie in this field dring late 2016. That Time I was idiotically preparing for a government job. Every day I was mugging up tricks to solve questions like these [ 386+ (65*7)+61=? ] to solve in 5 seconds. Complete waste of time. Until I realized that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur since childhood.

I started learning how I can grow my business when I encountered with digital marketing. From there I looked back no further and digital marketing helped me in transforming my lifestyle.

Let’s understand other digital marketers dilemma.

Personal Choice.

Yes, it can be someone’s personal choice. Being into entrepreneurship requires more commitment than working as an employee for a business. Any digital marketer has an option to meet their monetary requirements weather it comes from a job or working as a digital marketing consultant or freelancer for anyone.

Many digital marketers try maintaining their work-life balance and to archive that, they prefer working as

  1. Digital Marketing Head.
  2. Digital Marketing consultant.
  3. Freelance consultant on call.
  4. Marketing Head.
  5. Marketing Director.
  6. Chief Marketing Officer.

Or many other executive positions at small medium or big companies. Currently, with the advent of online marketing, having a digital experience is very important.

None of the university has a dedicated degree for digital marketing, rather it is just taken as a subject. At least in India, this is the real situation.

Working on positions like the once mentioned above is also a prestigious contribution towards the organization. We feel proud when the business we are working for, is growing exponentially as we know we have taken it to growth from scratch.

Digital marketers takes its business growth responsibilities as they take it for their loved once.

As far as human psychology is concerned, nobody loves being questioned on the choices they make personally. So why you guys question them?

Learn more: How to make choices

Building blocks to first set up their multi revenue sources.

Dude! Marketers are very clever. They will never tell you exactly what amount they are making. They will just give you a glimpse of one of their money-making machine where they must be solving a people’s problem with their solution. At the same time, they had many other A/B testing plans running and hustling to grow as another revenue resource.

There are many ways through which any digital marketer can start building a revenue stream just by hustling for 6 months to an year.

If you think 6 months to 1 year it a too long period then go back and see.

  • You speed 12-14 years of schooling.
  • You almost spent 4 years in graduation.
  • Also, You spend a quarter of your life sleeping.

And there is a lot of time that you spend to archive something interesting but ended up with what you have today.

We as a digital marketer know that if spending 6month to 1 year consistently can add a new revenue stream every time. What’s wrong in setting a threshold to that and wait for building our beautiful “Apna time ayega”

digital marketers apna time ayega

Most digital marketers builds their “APNA TIME AYEGA” themselves.

So next time you find a passionate digital marketer in your office working in a 9-5 Job, remember my point, my dear friend.

Discovering Multi niche to identify the rewarding sectors.

As a passionate digital marketer, we know what works online and what can fail. But how do we know that?

Nobody will teach you what works or fail. You need to master that yourself or your mentor will guide you. But it doesn’t mean you get trapped in any self-proclaimed marketing guru. They just want to sell their stupid course and make money. They don’t offer a solution in return for money. These people only want money.

You need to work in order to identify what works.

Digital marketing is highly dependent on the user taking a decision. Marketing end goals are always to sell something. It can be either a product or any service to a customer or any business.

If you know what’s working to get sales and generate revenue then your growth path gets easier. But identifying the right growth path itself is a challenge. You need to put in efforts, burn cash and time.

You will often find good digital marketers makes a lot of job switches. Why?

My dear money is never a reason for us to switch job. We are fucking passionate about growing online business. If your business has grown and is making good money then it’s all about sales more than marketing. Marketing doesn’t stop here but digital marketers who are the real growth hackers, their job gets done.

We come out with the feeling of mission accomplished and switch to new milestone and scale things from scratch.

Give us appraisals and office perks. Fuck! We are on a mission to identify the best business growth hack formula. We will still make a switch and enter a new niche, industry or organization.

What we expect while working is that you believe in our marketing strategies. Give us the resources to scale your business. We can work as a single man, woman army but without tools, we can’t help you.

Example of this category passionate Digital Marketer – Deepak Kanakaraju.

Let me give you an example of a passionate digital marketer. Deepak Kanakaraju. He is not my inspiration but I love the way he is delivering value to people. He does have many people talking negatively about him. Also, I am not affiliated to him but I personally like the way he has to build his personal brand.

In his early career, he didn’t start with entrepreneurship rather worked as a digital marketing manager and scale brands like Practo, Instamojo, Razorpay. Check the growth, even the Grammarly that I am using is able to identify the correct spelling of these companies.

In one of his interview, he told, that he kept working for different companies which helped him identify that information sharing and education is one of the booming niches. He utilized his 10 years of experience and all those multi revenue streams to finally launched his course on teaching people, digital marketing.

Rome was not built in a day. It will take time. So next time when you question a passionate digital marketer about doing a job, just remember that he/she is building a ROME.

Searching the right cofounder.

Finding a cofounder is like finding your life partner. You should be very serious about finding him or her. When we talk about entrepreneurship, one man or woman can make a difference but this is just a filmy dialogue. Yes, they can make a difference but either they need a business partner or at least a good working team to backup.

You always don’t need a co-founder to start a business. You can also look for hiring the team member but if you think that you can get someone like you, it will be like a pudding over the cake.

Why compromise when you have time to find the right cofounder.

Till date, me being a passionate digital marketer, I already built various revenue resources but at the same time, I too experience failure many times.

In 2016 when I started an Edu startup called jobnews today, it failed. The major reason was obviously unskilled cofounder. Our team just worked on making money. I was partially an amateur guy but hard work and motivation to learn always helped me grow. But this didn’t help me grow my venture due to poor collaborations.

I failed in many niches. Not completely failed but reaching my dream milestone was not accomplished. Till now I haven’t found my desired cofounder.

Similar is the dilemma with many passionate digital marketers. Hence we do a lot of networking to find someone like us.

Working on too many ideas at a time.

digital marketers with many ideas

Earlier in this article, I talked that it takes approximately 6 months to 1 year to build a revenue fetching online business.

Some digital marketers fail at this point. They get impatient and start running multiple trial and testing to identify what niche is worth investing.

When you work on multiple ventures which you start almost at the same time, your focus gets divided. This is disastrous which has a very poor end result. Why results?

None of your niches will grow exponentially. Remember the “Ludo game”?

In a ludo game, if you try to keep the balance in the movement of taking all your coins together to the goal point, you will end losing the game. Similarly, if you try to grow multiple businesses, starting from the same day, you will see an imbalance in growth which will ultimately die giving nothing to you.

Most of the passionate digital marketers learn so much into marketing that they try implementing everything at a time. You should get things done one by one. Once you grow one niche, then reinvest and grow the other niche.

Build a PBN of your business, not your blog.

So, one reason why you see a passionate digital marketer working as an employee instead of being a full-time entrepreneur is this reason also. This is the most common reason as far as I feel. So guys grow up.

Focus, Grow and repeat

Worried about switching to entrepreneurship.

There is always the potential that you can fail. People are frightened about failure. Most people won’t even start just because they fear about failure.

Sometimes people are not ready to take challenges and make a difference in their life.

When we talk about entrepreneurship, we need to be motivated and consider the following things in mind just to assume and make up the mind.

  1. We need to burn cash that can lead to bankruptcy if strategy went wrong. So always hold on a backup plan.
  2. You need to hustle more than a simple 9-5 job.
  3. You are expected to be bold in communicating as communication brings conversions.
  4. Workaholic lifestyle should never be tiring for you in the early days.
  5. Building relations with people from many different communities should be fun for you.
  6. Understanding what world or your niche people need should be your passion in the finding list.

Entrepreneurship is not about only making money. When you dive into this game, you need to deliver your best. In entrepreneurship, you are not only responsible for yourself but also for people who are working for you.

Under so many challenges and responsibility, many people quite and digital marketers are no different. They are also a normal human being like us. Lol.

So next time if you again want to question a digital marketer about being in job, just remember this reason also.

Final Conclusion.

Whatever you do as a digital marketer. Do a job or switch to full-time entrepreneurship, always focus on learning the exponential curves. If you believe you are passionate about marketing then build that with your or other’s business.

We were born to grow businesses along with our age. Justify that you find a new industry. Launch your online business or somebody else’s but give value to the society you want to serve.

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