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Top Marketing Tools To Help Scale Your Business

best marketing tools

Do you know what are the best marketing tools you should use in 2020? It does not matter what type of business you have, moreover some tools are common for all business owners. By using marketing tools you can scale up your business more profitably.

There are thousands of tools available on the web. It is not possible to share all the tools. In this post, I am going to share some best tools which I have used personally to make more profit in my business.

Why You Should Use Marketing Tools 

Before going to tools details you should know why you should use the marketing tools. Marketing tools make your work very easy besides these tools done very accurately. Some tools have Automations which helps your business to grow another level.

Top 10 Best Marketing Tools Details

Here I try to list 10 very useful tools that may help you to grow your business. Most of the tools are free though paid versions are also available. You should choose according to your business.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the best free email marketing tools for experience and newbies both. Now email marketing is the key to every business success. These marketing tools help you to do automation. 

However, email provides a more intimate interaction between brand and consumer by offering you the tools you need to effectively nurture leads and generate more revenue through your business. After successfully setting up the automation process you can relax and the rest of the email will be sent automatically through Mailchimp. 

Mailchimp has a free version. If you do not use this tool you should try the Mailchimp once. In the free versions, it allows you up to 1200 subscribers and you can send 12000 emails per month.

2. Zapier 

 Zapier is a very good tool that is used for your marketing automation. In this tool, you find more than 500+ apps by using this app you can do thousands of automation. For example, the Zapier automatically send a tweet which you already set through a trigger, after that the tweet automatically store in a word documents.

You can set your trigger from pre-made apps otherwise you can set according to your needs from starting.

3. Yoast SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO Plugins is very very popular WordPress plugins which help the website owner to rank their website in search engine fast. Yoast SEO plugins have two versions one is paid another is free. 

Free versions plugin is also very good, By using Yoast SEO you can set up to 5  focus keyword to your post, show you readability score details, help you to do internal linking of your article, easily edit or create robots.txt file, automatically generate an XML site map for your website, help you to set rich social media card for your post and more. 

If you have a business website or blog which you monetize through ads then by using Yoast SEO you can improve google page ranking. 

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is one of the best business tools I have ever used. If you want to grow your business then Buzzsumo can help you a lot. By using this tool you can easily identify your business competitor. 

When you go dipper then you discover a lot of things about your business such as which article is performing batter than others, which people share your article, which people share your competitor post, why share more and more. If you did not use the tool you can try one time.

5. Google Analytics

We all know the terms google and some the people know about google analytics. It is one of the very best marketing tools provides by Google. If have a business website or blog then it takes 2mins to add analytics code to your website. 

If you Create your website on WordPress then a WordPress plugins name “Sitekit” which helps you to integrate into google analytics account easily. 

It is a very valuable tool that can not ignore. You can find a particular keyword that comes most searches to your blog, not only that you can find which key term you should add to your post to rank fast your blog or website. The data you can collect from Google Analytics tools is extremely valuable.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Another great free marketing tools provided by Google is google keyword planner. To use this tool you just need a google Adword account which is totally free and easily creates 2mins.

You can search keyword ideas for your blog or website, easily enter keywords to see how the keywords perform in the search engine, create keywords list according to your needs and save it to your account, easily import and export keyword any time in the XML format.

7. Ubersuggest 

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tools which help you to find out profitable keyword for your niche.  In Ubersuggest you can find keyword difficulty score, paid difficulty score not only that find hundreds of related keywords according to your search term. 

The webmaster can easily compare his/her website to a competitor website, find the backlinks. Also, find content ideas from this tool.

8. Trello 

In the early days, the business team works together through the communication of email but it takes a long time to manage all the teams and projects. By using Trello you can manage your project and all team member in one place. 

It takes near about 10mins to create your account and invite your all team members to join and work together. For example, before publishing any article you can upload on Trello so that all team members review your post before publishing it.

9. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is one of the business tools by which you can measure your business easily. It is very good to spend time online to manage and develop your business but besides this, you should take the right decision for your business to get the return over investment. 

By using Kissmetrics you can easily track all actions you do and also measure which works good and which not. 

10. Leadspages

Leadspages is a very good landing page builder which any business owner to create sales funnel through these pages. 

In the Leadspages you can easily find 65+ pre-made templates for mobile and desktop which you can easily use to generate leads. These templates cover a variety of pages including downloading ebooks, software and more. 


These were some important marketing tools that you would need to scale your business online. Try them to improve your online conversions and improve your ROI.

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