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How To Prepare Digital Strategy For Growth

Prepare Digital Strategy

Digital strategy for growth helps you in growing in the right way. Without it, you can dwell your business into a wrong set of audience. There is a proper roadmap to follow. In this blog, I will be sharing my personal tips that I use to prepare digital strategy for any format of a business.

What do you mean by digital strategy?

Digital strategy is a planned process of building digital infrastructure for any business or person that can reach a target audience in order to create an ecosystem of business, transactions, community or anything that is set as the goal for it.

Since it is always a planned procedure hence it needs a strategic planning to bring better results. Let’s learn how to prepare this strategy.

  1. Identify the market.
  2. Build buyers persona.
  3. Find infrastructure requirements.
  4. Build the marketing strategy for each infrastructure.
  5. Adding all scope of automation.
  6. The setup process for branding.
  7. Security and privacy preparation.
  8. Prepare a plan for improving retention.

Understand these points in detail.

1. Market identification

This is a very in-depth process. If you want a healthy discussion before thinking of starting any business, you must consider a digital consultation before beginning.

To identify market, you need to check following things

  1. The pain points.
  2. What people are searching.
  3. Identifying your competitors.
  4. Doing competitor research.

With the above set of actions, you will be able to know if your idea is really scalable or not. It doesn’t matter if any business is already in existence with such an idea. According to the author of the book, zero to one by peter Thiel, not all businesses can run with unique ideas. The one who comes first makes it from zero to one, and then it is copied or presented in a new form as 2, 3, 4, and so on.

With market identification, you can find new ways in which you can create unique USP for your business.

2. Build buyer’s persona.

Identifying your customer is also important. You can segment your audience based on demographics like age, gender, location, devices they use, platforms where they engage and a lot of other metrics.

When you do this, you will be able to create product in better way and your marketing efforts will get better results.

Checkout this buyer persona template for building one for yourself.

3. Find infrastructure requirements.

Once you have done the above two process, you are all set to take decision like

  • Building a website is good for you or not.
  • Having a google my business profile.
  • What social media platform you should be present.
  • How email marketing would work.
  • Which platform you should use to run paid ads.
  • What kind of content will be valuable for your audience.
  • Budgeting your infrastructure cost.
  • Server space and requirements if building own online infrastructure.

And a ton of questions will get an answer.

My recommendation is, whenever you are willing to start a business, at least build a portfolio website with perfect on-page SEO at the beginning itself. For me, every business must have a website if they want to scale their business to at least a 100km+ radius.

4. Build a marketing strategy for each infrastructure.

Once you have decided on all the infrastructure, setting up a strategy should be the next step.

Following things you should consider for strategy based on infrastructure.

  1. Content strategy for product pages.
  2. Social media content and timing.
  3. Email lead generation strategy.
  4. UI/UX for conversions.
  5. Remarketing strategy.
  6. Social media engagement strategy.

These are some basic pointers to build your digital strategy based on infrastructure. As you add more infrastructure partner and do business with them, you must add a strategy backup also.

5. Build automation process

It is very important to automate all repetitive tasks. It saves time and your time is your money so you are actually saving money. You can automate the following things in any online business backed by a digital strategy.

  1. Automate your customer onboarding.
  2. Automate your email newsletters.
  3. Subscriptions and payments must be automated.
  4. Social media content.

Identify all such similar processes that could be automated and set up the process using automation tools.

6. Setup process for branding.

This process is important if you want to stay connected with your customers. It needs remarketing and retargeting process. You can use the following methods to execute.

  1. Setup remarketing pixels.
  2. Automate your email newsletters.
  3. Use tools like hubspot to engage with customers the way they interact with you.
  4. Do regular contests with them.
  5. Connect them via media channels.

The idea is to be everywhere where your customer spend time online.

7. Security and privacy preparation.

Privacy is the biggest concern for customers. Use all security measures on your digital infrastructure to prevent any malicious activity.

  1. Secure your website with SSL
  2. Protect your website with DMCA.
  3. Implement GDPR Policies.
  4. Add privacy policy to your business.
  5. Follow legal procedure for sales and refund agreement.

And consider all possible setup as per your business needs.

8. Prepare a plan for improving retention.

Retention of customer will be the biggest challenge when you start your business. Consider process like feedback mechanism or launching your MVP and following a lean startup culture to build better business.

Final Thought.

NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING. Your business ideas and execution must be backed up by data and not by some emotion. Also, consider hiring a digital consultant from day one or talk to one to know the process and scalability challenges before planning to go ahead.

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