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Ubersuggest Review – Best Competitor Analysis tool for 2021

ubersuggest for competitor analysis

Ubersuggest is the next revolutionary online SEO tool. If you are an online marketer then it is the best fit for all your need.

Are you new into digital marketing and can’t afford costly tools then Ubersuggest is for you. Even big and rich marketers will find this worthy.

Did you try using ubersuggest for your competitor analysis? How was your experience? Let everyone know it in the comments below. Also tell us how this ubersuggest review helped you.

Ubersuggest review: It is an SEO tool that is developed by a team headed by Neil Patel. He is one of the top digital marketers in the industry. With the launch of uberuggest with so many great features, the power of SEO will be more competitive in the near future.

Let us know how ubersuggest has changed the complete picture of SEO in 2019.

Why Competitor analysis is Important?

Did you or your organization has recently started a new online business?

If so, your online marketing team must be already working on analyzing your competitors. Wait a minute. aren’t they aware of competitor analysis?

The very first step into building space in the online marketplace is to study about your rivals. Why do we do that?

We do competitor analysis because of many reasons. Let us understand this in detail.

  1. Finding how the competitors are reaching the potential audience.
  2. Competitor analysis tells us the medium used by them to reach the audiences.
  3. It tells us the loopholes in rivals marketing technique.
  4. The analysis conveys us the audience-friendly content that is making an impact in the industry.
  5. With competitor analysis, it gets easier to build the right marketing strategy.

These top five reasons make a marketer compelled to start with competitor analysis. Do you know more valuable reasons? Let everyone know in the comments below so that we can update them in the points above.

Ubersuggest Review: How to start with It?

What if I say that we have an online SEO tool which you can use without

  • Registering an account.
  • Without adding any card details.
  • No email id sharing.
  • Completely Free with no subscription charges.

You would laugh. Right. But if you know about Ubersuggest then you already know what am I talking about.

Yes, Ubersuggest a revolutionary online SEO tool that can make your competitor analysis much easier.

To start with, just

  • Go to Ubersuggest website.
  • You will find a big search bar.
  • Right beside the search bar, you will see language/location and
  • a search button.

Just enter your competitor domain or the keyword you want to do research about. Select the target location and start the search operation.

ubersuggest website

How to find Online competitors?

There can be many ways to find your online competitors but before that, you must know, “whom do you call as competitors?”

Online competitors are those market leaders who have occupied the maximum presence on the internet. By internet, I mean places like a search engine, social media, advertising channels and any other place where your customers reside.

Let’s take example to be more clear.

Suppose your customer search for “Buy shoes” on Google. Google will immediately rank top 10 websites that are more relevant for that search. If you are also willing to sell shoes online then those top 10 websites are your competitors but wait;

Isn’t google ranking very dynamic? The search result which we call as SERP or search engine result page keeps on changing depending upon various On and Off page SEO factor.

But if you don’t have any paid tools like ahrefs or semrush then you can temporarily consider top 20 results as your competitors.

Do you know other easy and free ways to find online competitors? Do let everyone know it in the comment section below. I will update that here if found relevant.

How to find competitors from different countries?

To find the SERP report for a different country for your desired keywords, you can again use ubersuggest. How can we do that?

It’s very simple. Follow the following step

  1. Go to Ubersuggest.
  2. Enter your keyword.
  3. Then enter your target location.
  4. Hit the search button.
  5. Ubersuggest will show you all information on a single page which you can use for various other purposes too.
  6. Go down to Keyword Ideas and click on your target keyword to find the SERP report for your desired location.
ubersuggest keyword ideas
Keyword ideas to choose from and find SERP.
Ubersuggest will show upto 100 top results for your keyword in your desired location

Using this technique, you can find your competitors ranking in different countries and find your competitors easily.

How to start a competitor analysis with ubersuggest?

Now that you know your competitors. Let’s break it into step for doing competitor analysis using ubersuggest.

  1. Enter the domain of your competitor.
  2. Select your target location to check your competitor’s reach. Ubersuggest will show you other location data as well. It will help you understand which is the prime market location of your competitor and which other countries are they trying to expand. Follow the screenshot below to understand better.
  3. You will get the following information after entering the competitor’s domain.
    1. Organic Keywords: It tells the keywords for which the domain is ranked in Google’s SERP.
    2. Organic Traffic: This tells you the total traffic your competitor is getting for all the organic keywords it has ranked for.
    3. Paid Keywords: The number of keywords that your competitor is bidding for on google ads.
    4. Paid Ad cost: It tells the estimated money that your competitor is spending on Google’s paid ads.
    5. Traffic Graph: This graph will show your competitor’s rising or falling search engine traffic.
    6. Domain Score: It tells about the strength of the domain based on various on-page SEO and off page SEO factors.
    7. Backlinks: It shows the number of hyperlinks your competitor is getting in terms of do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks.
    8. .edu and .gov links: This tells the number of hyperlinks or backlinks that your competitor is getting from the government website.
    9. Top Pages by countries.
    10. All SEO keywords by countries.
  4. Go to top pages by countries.
  5. Select your desired location for which you want to beat your competitor.
  6. See all the top pages for that particular location.
  7. Under the estimate visit column, click on View all button to check the keywords for which the top page is getting ranked with its position as well.
  8. In the next column, you can find all the backlinks that the competitors have got for their top pages.
  9. In the next column, you can see which pages have got a maximum share on facebook. This will help you understand the content that works well on social media.

How to use ubersuggest information for competitor analysis?

Once you have gathered all the information about your competitors as mentioned above, it’s time to do some analysis. But How?

Again I would say it is very simple. If you have experience of using paid tools for competitor analysis then you can clearly get the difference.

If you are doing competitor analysis for the first time then let’s dive in to know how to begin this analysis.

  • From the top pages results of your competitor, you can check out what blog pages are getting highest traffic.
  • Use those blog ideas and make better content from them.
  • Check all the keywords for which that blog is ranked for.
  • Use those keywords in your article and follow all ON page SEO rules.
  • Now check the backlinks for that blog of your competitors and try to reach out to those webmasters and let them know that you have a better piece of content that their readers would love to read.
  • Some of them would link to your blog and you get an opportunity to build traffic.

That’s how you find loopholes with ubersuggest and build your brand presence in the market.

With so much to do with ubersuggest, it comes with some shortcomings. If you know some of the loopholes in ubersuggest, do let everyone know in the comments below.

So, if you are a newbie into blogging or digital marketing then ubersuggest is a life savour for you. Logon on the site and start your SEO research today.

If you have any success story that you have archived using ubersuggest, let everyone know about it in the comments below. We will feature your ubersuggest success and show the potential of ubersuggest to the SEO and digital world.

VIDEO on how to use ubersuggest for SEO and Competitor analysis.

Check out the video below to see how Have I done competitor analysis. Video my youtube channel to in touch with more comprehensive videos on branding, digital marketing, and everything digital.

Visit my youtube channel

How to use Ubersuggest in 2021 to increase your organic traffic?

Ubersuggest has become one of the massive tools by the 2019 year-end. Now most of the SEO experts and also newbies are using this tool for SEO.

I am primarily focusing on term SEO because most of the ubersuggest features are good for doing SEO. So let us check out what to do with ubersuggest in 2021 to improve your organic traffic?

Personal Accounts in Ubersuggest for tracking

Now you can log in with ubersuggest using your Gmail account and keep a track record of the keywords that you are trying to rank for.

It is just a 3 simple step process with which you can create your accounts on ubersuggest and start tracking.

Let’s understand its quick steps

  1. Signup for an account on uber suggest.
  2. Add your URL/ Domain.
  3. Add your target location.
  4. Then add your keywords. Ubersuggest will also show keywords for which your domain is already ranking. You can directly add those keywords.
  5. You can also import your keyword CSV file.
  6. Then your dashboard will be ready.

Look out of step by step screenshot to understand the above steps in pictorial format.

Ubersuggest SEO Dashboard.

Ubersuggest SEO dashboard consists of the projects that you have added.

With the addition of projects into uber suggest, you will be able to get daily reports about your website SEO like,

  1. Keywords positioning.
  2. Your website Health score.
  3. The growing or deteriorating backlink reports.

And much more.

So, you can use this tool if you can’t afford tools like ahref, semrush etc.

Final Thought.

Uber suggest is evolving every day. It is going to revolutionaries the SEO world with its power. If you check its trends report on google, you can identify the powerful growth hack of Neil patel behind this tool. It is growing exponentially with no option to a downfall.

ubersuggest trends

Currently, people are still postulating whether ubersuggest will remain free forever or it will also start its subscription model as we have already seen that it has bought the sign-in option with 25 keywords tracking.

It may happen in future that Neil Patel would start the subscription model of ubersuggest or left it free forever.

Whatever he does, we will see this in 2021 meanwhile, it is already a big competitor now or we can say contender in the field of SEO tools.

I will be writing more about its growing update in this blog as we keep seeing its growth.

Ubersuggest Latest Update 2021

Ubersuggest was free tool until feb 2020. Now it has updated itself with a pricing model. It was quite expected that somehow this tool will turn to become paid.

So let’s check out its pricing update today.

Ubersuggest pricing

Ubersuggest has come out with a new pricing model for SEO geeks. Though it is not at a heavily priced value still you need to loosen your pocket to get value out of it.

Ubersuggest has both free as well as paid plans.

That’s the ubersuggest pricing page.

Ubersuggest Free Plan features.

The free plan pricing is quite basic in ubersuggest. Under this plan, you shall get the following things.

  1. One project to monitor.
  2. Only 20 keywords to track.
  3. Keyword tracking data will be updated weekly. [This is quite poor for any SEO guy. You can better give try to semrush for this. ]
  4. You won’t get mobile tracking.
  5. 3 reports can be prepared per day.
  6. 10 keyword suggest and content ideas.
  7. 10 top pages and 10 keyword ideas of it.
  8. Only last 3 month backlink history will be provided.

My view on Ubersuggest free plan.

Ubersuggest Paid Plan features.

Ubersuggest pricing in the paid plan has everything that you want. Talking about the pricing. It is extremely cheap when you compare with other SEO tools like semrush or ahrefs.

Ubersuggest paid Pricing is just INR 300 that is $2.5 dollars/month approximately and INR 3000/yearly which is $45/Year approx.

My views on Ubersuggest Pricing.

For a newbie in SEO, who is not good at SEO for now and is learning things. You can try a free plan of ubersuggest.

As far as my experience in SEO says, ubersuggest still has to improve a lot. Its crawler is still very poor and the data fetched is dumb and too slow.

I don’t see any benefit buying undersuggest for now even if it is priced as INR 1/- or $0.001.

Ranking websites is a great challenge and according to a study published by Microsoft, SEO is the most challenging and hardest skill to acquire. You cannot excel in these skills with tools like ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is a new tool which will surely grow eventually in future but right now it is not as smart as semrush or ahrefs.

The suggestion that I want to add here is, if you are doing business, you must automate it using tools like WhatsApp Marketing software and also use marketing tools like semrush. Just a pointer to add to make your online business strong.

What is Ubersuggest Alternative?

Ubersuggest is not that competitive tool in the market. If you are a serious SEO guy then I would hardly recommend you to use SEMrush.

Earlier I hated Semrush but when I started using it, I found it is the best SEO tool.

FAQ on Ubersuggest

What is ubersuggest used for?

Ubersuggest is a seo tool which is used for increasing organic traffic, domain analysis and competitor research.

How can i get ubersuggest free?

Ubersuggest has a free plan which you can subscribe and use for your online marketing purpose

Who is neil patel?

He is the creator of ubersuggest. He is a New York Times Bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies.

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