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7 Tips to optimize for your Google Ads in 2021

How To Prepare Digital Strategy For Growth

If you ask any digital marketer whether optimization of Google Ads is important for their marketing purposes, then hardly anyone would say no. But have you ever wondered why is it so?  

Using Google Ads to promote a company’s products or services is quite significant to enhance visibility and grow business. However, your marketing ads won’t reach their true potential, if they are not optimized properly. 

It doesn’t matter how good the strategy for creating Google Ads is. Mistakes are and always will be bound to occur. If your Ads campaign is set incorrectly, then you won’t be able to reap maximum benefits.

Hence, Google Ads optimization allows you to correct those potential errors and confirms that you are targeting the right audience at the right time with the right product. This further enables you to increase your sales with the most cost-efficient solutions.  If you master this google ads optimization skill, you can promote your business. One of our business people who owns a video game business used google ads to promote Free Fortnite Accounts which he had developed in his gaming module and generated tons of leads. Google ads are so awesome for people.

But one may ask, how to optimize Google Ads for better results? Well, don’t worry, as we have listed down several ways by which you can easily enrich your Google Ads and avail of productive results.

1. Review your objectives

An objective for your ads simplifies the development of your campaign by directing you to specifics designed to help it to succeed. Remember, when you create an ad campaign, aim for what resonates with the company’s long terms goals.

However, one must not only plan for reasonable and aspiring goals but also set a time limit to review them consistently. Marketers must keep reviewing their goals as circumstances and other significant factors change on a day-to-day basis.

By reviewing your objectives, you can better cater to some of the endorsed features and assist to enhance the growth of your Google Ads campaign. 

Many business owners learn digital marketing from the best digital marketing institute in delhi so that they can have better insights into the concepts and plan their strategies accordingly.

2. Have a look at your Account settings

Running and handling Google Ads is a little complicated. As dozens of Google updates keep releasing regularly, it becomes difficult to put your Google account on cruise control and expect great results.

Your Google Account settings may prove to be a matter of concern for getting better visibility. It is not that simple to understand the changes that take place regularly (except for core programmers). Thus, marketers must keep an eye on their account settings and also check how other sites perform and rank better than theirs.

Hence, be sure that you keep reviewing and optimizing your Google accounts so that your sales could be raised and your costs could be decreased.

3. Include automated bidding

It is utilized to set bids for Google Ads if they are most likely to be clicked for result in a conversion. They perform by taking out guesswork from setting bids to realize campaign goals. Google automated bidding helps newbies and experienced digital marketers to save time and costs to carry out their optimization process.

For different objectives, different bid strategies are made use of. For example, to improve site visits, the strategy for bidding is to receive maximum clicks within your budget. Or, if you wish to enhance visibility, then set bids with the purpose of displaying your ad on top of the page or anywhere on the SERPs page.

Automated bidding is a great way to reduce time while utilizing various algorithms to enhance an account, but only if performed wisely.

4. Increase CTR

CTR, or Click through rate, is significant for those who want to evaluate their ad rank and cost per click. If your ads have a better CTR, then position will be also higher.

An efficient CTR is based upon what your goals are, what is the type of your industry, and so on. One needs to be patient to determine a good CTR as it does not remain the same for everyone. You may be receiving quality and cost-efficient traffic from your ads, but if it is not of relevance to the industry, then it is of no use.

CTR is not just a measuring unit of how important your ads are for your targeted audience, but it also impacts the ranking of your ads on search engines. One must remember that the best position doesn’t lie with the highest bidder. Instead, it goes to the marketer with the highest ad rank.

5. Highlight your USPs

A USP is a Unique Selling Proposition that helps a company’s products stand apart in comparison to its competitor. If your business can be positively differentiated from your competitors, it will be a lot easier to advertise your brand.

Crafting and highlighting a USP is significant for your Google Ads. If not done properly, you are just wasting your effort and money. Remember, it is not the product that entices customers. Instead, it is the relevant benefits and other catchy features that customers are seeking that should be highlighted.

Thus, start highlighting your USPs that are better than your competitors. This is what will attract your target audience to your brand.

6. Optimize Landing page text

The page to which you send your viewers after they click an ad is called a landing page. The landing page of your website holds great relevance to generate quality conversions. Just as the text of your ad text must be related to the targeted keywords, your landing page must be related to your ad. The page must involve everything that a customer is looking for and what the ad promises. Such types of landing pages receive better quality scores.

Your landing page is essential to turn your viewers into potential consumers. If an individual clicks on your ad, they expect to view something relevant to the ad. If they won’t see what was present in the ad, chances are, they would leave.

7. A/B testing

Conducting A/B testing for your Google Ads is a must. Marketers need to consistently run A/B testing to check what works best for them. There are several aspects in your ads which you can test and see if they give better results.

For example, the quality of headlines can be checked via split testing. One can be for headline length, and another one can be for the order of words. Or the website’s URL can be tested and check how it displays. You can keep changing and testing the URL till it gives you expected outcomes.


Many Google Ad beginners become annoyed when they notice that their brand new account isn’t matching their expectations even after running it for weeks. They must understand that one cannot expect great outcomes with Google Ads overnight.

In theory, you may start to get the results, but in reality, a bit of optimization and patience is required to score the best results.

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